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First Contact...

Author: Age: 65 now - 13 then Posted on: 5 comments
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After enjoying all the stories here for the past couple of years, I thought it rather selfish not to share what I feel is a pretty rich and varied sexual history. This is my first submission of what will most likely turn out to be a lengthy list of experiences that I relive over and over again.


Born and raised in Iowa, the main topics of interest to boys my age were hot rods, baseball and (after this experience) sex. I lived in the suburbs of a major city and had quite a few cousins, many of whom lived in rural Iowa.

On this particular weekend my family drove to my Dad's sister's house about an hour away to stay for the weekend. I had a cousin there, Mike, who was a couple of months older than me and we typically enjoyed all the activities that most boys our age engaged in. Mike lived on a pretty large property that had been a farm at one time, although most of it had been sold. The remaining couple of acres had a nice main house with five bedrooms and two large barns which we played in quite often.

This particular weekend started no differently than others in the past, with some bike riding, baseball and some swimming in their large pond. By the end of the day, after eating a large dinner and listening to a baseball game, we were pretty tired. We both took a shower and as usual, I slept in my cousin's double bed. Although they had five bedrooms, Mike had three sisters and when company stayed over his sisters "doubled up" and made room for by parents and two younger brothers (1 & 3) at the time.

Once settled into bed, we talked about the usual stuff, sports and girls at school. Mike then asked if my dick ever got hard in class and I answered that many times while in class it would get hard and I didn't know why. I told him that I entertained myself often by using the muscles in my groin to make it pulse hard against my pants. Mike related similar happenings and asked if I had ever "rubbed the head of it" when it was hard. After replying that I hadn't, he told me that he did it a lot and it really felt good and asked if I wanted to try it. Of course I agreed. We both wore our underwear (tighty whities) when we slept and he suggested that we both pull them down, which we quickly did.

He asked, "Is your dick hard now?" and I replied, "You bet! Is yours?". He told me his was as hard as a rock and said, "Reach over here and feel it". I hesitantly reached over and grasped his cock with my thumb and forefinger and it sort of sent a chill up my spine. We were both circumcised and about 5" long with a medium girth. It felt pretty strange to hold someones dick. It was really hard and hot and the skin was really soft. Mike then reached over and gently grasped by cock and it felt so good to have someone else touch me there. He then suggested that we feel each others balls, which was really pleasant and we just laid there for a while rubbing each others balls and dick.

Mike then told me that if you rubbed the head for a while, it would eventually "feel so good that you can't stand it". With that he held my dick with his left hand while he started rubbing the palm of his other hand in a circular motion on the head of my cock. What a great feeling THAT was! He told me to let him know what I was feeling and it was difficult for me to describe it as anything other than "awesome". In just a few minutes I started to get a strange feeling like I'd never had and told him so. He said not to worry, that it would get a lot better.

In another 30 seconds or so I felt like an electric shock ran through my balls and dick and I was shaking uncontrollably. I had just had my first orgasm, even though it was a dry one. We then switched and he told me to do the same thing to him, which I proceeded to do. All the time, he was rubbing his balls and putting his finger down lower. (He demonstrated later what he was doing and I found that I, too, liked it a lot.) In only a couple of minutes he whispered loudly, "I'm gettin' the feeling!" and almost immediately I could feel his cock pulsing and then felt something warm shooting out all over my palm and the hand holding his dick.

I pulled my hand back quickly as I thought that he had just peed on me and he said "Wow! THAT never happened before!". The room had a metallic, bleach-like smell and we both dipped our fingers in his cum and sniffed it, realizing that the smell was coming from there. He said, "That must be sperm. My friend told me that when I got a little older and rubbed my dick, sperm would come out but it never happened before this.

We cleaned up by wiping ourselves off with our underwear, then talked about our limited knowledge of how girls got pregnant and what part our sperm played in the process. We also talked about the anatomy of girls until we eventually fell asleep.

The next night turned out to be even more interesting, which I will relate later. That was my sexual awakening and was the first of a long series of encounters with Mike, and later, his sisters, my neighbors and number of others. I'll be happy to share more later, as all of these events are still vivid memories and provide many hours of great self-pleasure.



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