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First Condom Sighting

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In the early sixties I was 13 and not at all sexually active, it was not until 13 that I started having wet dreams and masturbating. I did have erections from some earlier age. Mom say 'do not play with it and it will go away.' try that and most children will do the opposite and I did and it would stay hard till I stopped.

I had found out that girls and boys were not built the same. I went around with a group of boys and girls and for some reason, now and then we would go in the woods and run around without any clothes on. We would look at each other and make comments, nothing sexual and little or no touching. We did watch each other pee and of course have contests to see who could pee the longest. Boys only, girls would watch and we would watch them. Called them wee wees, or tallewaggles, private parts, girl hole and so on.

One day while walking with a girl from the group we happened upon a condom, used, not having ever seen one, we questioned what it was, she had a nanny who answered most of her sex question, her parents, nor mine ever said a word about sex, or body parts. So we picked it up, put it in a small box and she carried it home. Next day, she said she would tell me about it. It is called a condom, or rubber, and goes over a mans thing so his seed will not get a girl pregnant. She said seed, with milk comes out of pee pee, put it in a girls hole. This was all new info for a no sex guy but my hormones were working so I said where do you get them. Not really sure what I would do with them anyway. She would ask.

Next day, gas station mens room has a machine for a quarter, or drug store, which we would not go in and ask for one. So on the bus to a gas station, I went in the mens room and came out with a small foil package. Off to the woods we went and found a space where we could not be seen. Off went my pants, she had seen my penis lots of times before. We opened the foil package and out came the rolled up rubber. Not knowing, we unrolled it and she handed it to me to put it on so we can see what this is all about. I said first off with your shorts and panties, and you have to put it on me. Off came her clothes and up came my erection. At 13 neither of us had much pubic hair. She then put the condom on me. Much too big for a 13 year old penis. So it fell off.

We said it will get bigger as I get older like my dads which I had seen and she said yes her dads was huge with lots of hair all over it. She then asked if I shot out seeds from my pee pee. I never have I replied, so she said lets see if you can, my nanny says boys at around 13 usually can and get me in trouble, so always use a condom, so she puts it back on me and starts to slide her hand up and down, guess the nanny told her how, I started to have good feelings and told her so, short of breath and bucking hips. Then sort of release but no fluid. She said guess you need to wait till you are bigger. Then the next year it all came to be. More on than later.



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