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First Climax

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I started to touch myself when I was 14, but I didn't know about making myself climax for a while. I was tall with long legs and small breasts and so was my best friend Tania. In fact she was even taller than me. One Saturday I was at her house and she asked me if I masturbated. I told her that I did. She asked about my orgasms and when I didn't give her a clear answer she decided that I had not had one yet. She said that I needed to get good and horny and said that she knew how to help me.

We went to her bedroom and changed into very short skirts. She had lots of them. Then we left her house and took the bus to the shopping mall. I was a little uncomfortable in her skirt because when it rode up it almost exposed my panties. 'That's nothing,' she said when I complained as we walked to the bus stop. 'Just wait.'

On the bench at the bus stop Tania told me to watch what she was about to do. Then she wiggled out of her panties and put them in her purse. 'You next,' she demanded.

I was hesitant. 'What would happen if I bent over or sat down' I asked?

'That's the point,' she answered.

So with her threatening to pull them of for me, I consented. I pulled my panties down and stuffed them in my purse like she did. Just as I was removing them, a man who was about 40 walked up to the bus stop. With the two of us sitting there in very short skirts his eyes were all over us, and then Tanya let her legs drift toward him and he couldnt stop staring. I'm sure that he could see that she wasn't wearing panties.

When the bus finally came we sat down and he positioned himself so that he could look up our skirts. Tania didn't dissapoint him. She wiggled in her seat, crossing and uncrossing her legs. As she did she whispered for me to try it too and I finally did.

We got off the bus leaving our quiet friend in his seat and entered the mall. 'Tell the truth,' Tania asked, 'doesn't that make you feel all tingly?'

In an hour at the mall we went up escalators and allowed men to see up our skirts, we sat on benches letting our legs fall open and we positioned ourselves in front of windows so that we could watch how men were reacting to us. I had never been so aroused before. Every time we sat, my bare bottom reacted to the surface by feeling even wetter and warmer.

On the bus ride home, I was oozing fluid and Tania knew it. When we stood up there was a spot on the seat. We raced to her house from the bus stop.

'Let's go to my room,' she urged. 'Hurry my parents will be home in a little while'.

Tania spread a towel on her bed and told me to sit down. Slowly she lifted my skirt and watched as my juices continued to flow out. 'I can smell you,' she said, with a laugh. I think that you are ready for an orgasm now!

Siting on the towel next to me on her bed she slid her skirt off and started touching herself. I watched her technique which was far more agresive than anything I had ever tried and then I was doing it to. Following her motions. When her breathing became labored my arousal level went through the roof. Watching her was unbelievably erotic. Then it happened. A powerful series of contractions gripped me and I bent over and gasped, squeezing myself as hard as I could. I moaned out loud, unable to control myself.

Tania stood up and watched my pleasure, then she lifted one leg onto the bed beside me and finished herself with her hand moving wildly just a few feet from my face. She followed my climax with one of her own, twisting and gasping as she clutched at herself and her juices covered her fingers.

Finally I knew what a climax was.

We repeated our pantyless adventures several times over the next year and then Tania went to a different University, met a boy and got married. Sometimes I wonder why we never touched each other, and I still go out without panties from time to time.



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