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First Climax

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My family has a condo on the ocean in South Carolina and we would take two-week vacations there every July. Since I have fair skin I did not enjoy baking on the beach during the middle of the day. Instead I used to get up early in the morning and wander to the beach where I always used to sun myself between 8:00am and 10:00am.

When I was 12 my parents let me get my first bikini and while it was not too skimpy by today's standards, I always felt sexy when I wore it. I had been noticing some very pleasant feelings between my legs for a year or so before that summer, and I had been touching myself in bed but I had not had an orgasm yet. My friends talked about it sometimes, but I didn't really believe exactly what they were telling me. I thought that I was masturbating when I touched myself in bed and that was all there was to sex.

On the second day of our vacation, I walked down to the beach as usual, but this time there were three teenage boys pulling on wet suits tops and tight bike pants so that they could go surfing. I knew that they were looking at me as I peeled my beach robe off and I took extra time letting them see me before I got down on the blanket.

As I prepared to lie down I pulled up on my bottoms, and the feeling that the fabric gave me as it crushed against my vagina was quite intense. I was too far for them to see any details but my adjustments had caused pubic hair to spill out along the sides of my crotch and as I looked at myself, I noticed that I was swollen and wet. In fact, for the first time I could distinctly see the outline of my vagina lips in the grey fabric of my suit.

I was both embarrassed and aroused by what was happening, and quickly dropped to the blanket so that my display would not be seen. The boys were off and riding the waves after a minute and I enjoyed watching them. They were muscular and athletic and as they repeatedly made their way toward shore, I could see the outlines of their penises in their tight pants. One of them was wearing light coloured biking pants and it was easy to see his penis when he turned sideways.

I sat up and put sun block on myself, but this time, for the first time, it seemed somehow sexual as I rubbed my own shoulders and my legs. I took extra time applying lotion near my tummy and my thighs all the time sitting up and watching the boys. My rubbing was making the problem of my growing wetness worse and I imagined that the boys were watching and were fully aware of what was happening.

After I had covered myself with lotion and decided that I had to stop, I rolled onto my tummy on the blanket and continued watching the boys in the water. Somehow there was a bump in the sand just at the level of my pubic bone and within a few minutes as the sun started to warm me I noticed that I could get a delicious feeling by rotating my hips gently into the mound of sand that was underneath the blanket. I had never attempted to masturbate by grinding my hips against a blanket in my bed. My technique had always been to lie on my side and touch myself, which never had created the feeling that I was having on the beach that morning.

Looking around I could see that there was no one near enough to see exactly what I was doing. The boys were riding little waves a hundred yards away, there was no activity on the decks of the condos behind me and there were just a few people strolling the beach looking for shells. So I reached under the blanket and piled up even more sand on the bump that I had been pressing against, returned to my tummy-down position and resumed the pressure against the sand bump with my vagina.

What happened next almost took my breath away. I was totally unprepared for what started to happen. I squeezed myself against the sand a few times thinking that I would stop. But the feelings were so intense that I could not quit. So I started humping away at the blanket, putting steady pressure against the ridge of sand with my hips. The more I undulated the more I worried that someone would see me, but I was out of control. The feeling that I was experiencing was like nothing that I could imagine.

Part of the excitement was watching the boys in their tight outfits, and another part was the excitement about wearing a bikini. I was also worried that someone might see what I was doing, but I was powerless to stop. The amazing thing was that as I quickened my pace and ground against the sand ridge I was slowly smoothing it out and dampening the feelings of pleasure.

Finally in frustration I reached under myself to try to pile up the sand through the blanket, placing both hands underneath me so that as my fingers were clawing at loose sand through the blanket, my two thumbs came in contact with my as yet undiscovered clitoris. That did it. The pressure of my hands against the spot that had never before been so swollen or so out and exposed sent me over the edge. Suddenly I was experiencing convulsions, my breath was taken away and I involuntarily moaned so loud that I was sure the boys could hear me. By the time I had collected myself and started to breathe almost normally I finally understood what an orgasm was.

I rolled over on my back and looked at my bikini bottom and realized that I had somehow managed to make a wet spot that rose from between my legs to half way up to my waist. Embarrassed by the mess that I had made, I put my beach robe back on so that no one could see what I had done. It looked almost as if I had peed myself. Then I noticed the strong odour of my vagina. The juices that I had made were so aromatic that I was afraid to go back to the condo. Instead I went into the ocean, robe and all. One of the boys came over to ask for my phone number but he was 17 and I didn't give it to him. I still wonder if they knew what I had done that morning.



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