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First Awakenings

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I was six when I first noticed that my penis was capable of erections. This was precipated by a spanking I got from my mother for some disobedience now forgotten. I was suprised and delighted by the discovery, and wished to reproduce it as often as possible. I seemed to know instinctively that I must conceal this activity probably because I related it to the spanking. I would go into the bath room, stare at my little thing, and usually produced a hard just by looking at it. I naturally fondled it turning it from side to side, staring at its underside, and pulling the foreskin back and forth. I noticed that rubbing the head on my legs with the foreskin pulled back, and on clothing felt especially good. If I awoke with an erection, I would bend my penis so I could lie with it between my legs. Eventually, it became a nightly practice to hump the bed, and after learning that it improved the feeling, I put a pillow between my legs and humped that. I went on like this for about two years when one day I overheard older boys talking about jerking off which I immediately recognized as a near relation to my own penis exercises. The boys claimed that as a result of jerking off their penises shot a sticky liquid called come. I could never produce this elusive substance no matter how long I stroked my little boner, but I did succeed in having dry orgasms although at the time I did not know the name for the sensation. About the time I turned nine, my twelve year old cousin spent the night with me in my room sleeping in the other bed. I awoke early in the morning, and heard him making moaning noises. I could see well enough to notice his legs were spread and his hand and arm were moving up and down. He was so concentrated on his masturbation that he did not notice my watching him. Suddenly, he became rigid, stopped stroking then fell backward with a great sigh. After a while, I got out of bed, walked over to his, and asked him what he had done. He opened his eyes with suprise, and said he had done nothing. I pulled the sheet off of him, and saw him holding his sperm covered penis in his fist. The sperm was all over the bed, his penis was cherry red, hard and swollen. So he said, 'allright, I've been jerking off. Don't you know what that is?' I said that I didn't know exactly, I had been doing the same thing, but I didn't squirt the sticky white fluid like he did. He told me that I couldn't expect to until after I had hair on my penis. I asked him if we could do it together. He agreed, and I got in bed with him and we began stroking our peckers together. After about another 15 minutes of this he had another orgasm, I soon followed. I was addicted, and began jerking off about 3 or 4 times a week continuing like this for another 2 years. I was invited to spend the weekend with a school friend at his family's beach house. We could walk down the beach to a secluded spot which my friend said he always did. When we got to his secret lair, it was impossible to see us except from directly in front of its opening. We weren't there for a minute when he pulled down his trunks displaying a 4 inch hard penis which he began to stroke. He told me to get mine out and join in the fun. He didn't have to ask twice, I joined him in jacking, and we both had nice dry orgasms. I now had a JO buddy as he referred to us. That night after all his family were asleep, he got out of bed, and got into bed with me. He asked if I had ever jerked another boy off. I said no. He said well you have to learn, and reached over, took my pecker in his hand, and began to stroke it while telling me to do the same to him. I did, and we had our second orgasm together.

When we returned home, the next weekend, he got permission for us to spend the night in his tent in the woods behind his house. Our parents knew each other well so they agreed to my doing this with him. That night when we settled down in the tent, he produced a bottle of vaseline, lubed up his pecker, had me do the same, and we jerked each other off again. Later that night, we took turns sliding our little things between the cracks in our behinds. a while afterward, we got permission to study together after school. This studying was divided half and half between actually studying and jerking off. It was on one of these sessions that I first ejaculated when we were about 12. A week later, he produced his first come as well.



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