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First Attempts

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First Attempts
My first attempts at wanking began when I was 11 years of age and although I knew that something was going to ooze out of my hard cock, I had no idea exactly where it was going to ooze from. Somehow I imagined it was going to cream up from underneath the rim of my glans and I was a little disappointed when an older boy confided in me that the thick white cream that I longed to see actually poured out from my _pee hole_.
The rapid change of my cock size at the age of 11 made me very aware of the pleasure I obtained during an erection and I frequently attempted to masturbate by clasping my cock in my hand and moving the skin rapidly back and fore. I would do this for a considerable length of time but apart from feeling _very nice_ there was no earth-shattering event, and certainly no sight of anything pouring out.
Several months went by and I eventually turned 12. My hairless cock had become a six and a half inch _monster_ and all I could think about was going to my bedroom after school and play with it. Then one night it happened! Well, almost anyway. I had been wanking it for what seemed like an eternity and I experienced what I later realized was my first orgasm. Unfortunately it was _dry_ as nothing actually came out. I was a little nervous but the following day I was horrified to see that my limp cock had swollen in diameter to over twice its size and felt very peculiar indeed. Not unpleasant but a little scary.
During the course of the day the swelling went down and it returned to its normal flaccid size which I have always considered to be a little small. Taking comfort from this rapid return to normal, I gave it another _good seeing to_ that night, and was rewarded for my efforts with the same lovely orgasm that I had the previous night, but in addition, there was a thick cream pouring out of the hole. Strangely, it was not white at all, but a light yellow colour and I was more than a little disappointed as I felt that I must be abnormal. The following morning I once again woke up with a very swollen looking limp cock.
But that was the end of my _teething problems_ and my next attempt produced a lovely thick white cream without the next morning swelling. From then on, it was several times a night and once every morning as well.
Such frequent masturbation would sometimes leave me a little sore as I did not have the advantage of having a foreskin. It became usual for me to use hand cream to help me get off, but then I discovered a method which I would use for many years. I bought a tube of thick lanolin and would smear a small amount over the head of my circumcised cock. Grasping my shaft in my left hand, I would use the palm of my right hand to make a circular motion directly over my pee hole. The effect was quite sensational and very hard to control. An excruciating orgasm would slowly build up as my pee hole become redder and redder. It required a lot of will power to keep the palm action up till I shot my load, as very often I just couldn't stand it any longer and had to wank myself properly at the last moment. But I did manage to resist the temptation on many occasions and then there was the added thrill of feeling my spunk shoot against my palm and I would use that to finish myself off. It was a messy method but the feeling of not being in control and the slow build up to a mind blowing ejaculation was truly awesome.



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