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First (and Only) Time With Another Girl

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I've been masturbating since I was very young, ever since I can remember actually, I have memories of rubbing my pussy as early as four years old and I'm quite sure my first orgasm was reached well before puberty, six or seven years of age at the latest.

When I was very young I would pull my nighty up and my panties down when I was in bed at night and I would rub and finger my clit with my middle finger, I learned that if I fingered it very quickly up and down, or in circles, I could cum, although at the time I didn't know what an orgasm was but that it felt good (even though I felt guilty every time for some reason)and I couldn't help but to do it as often as I could.

When I was ten I was invited over to a friends house for a sleep over, nothing new, we'd been friends and having sleepovers for the last year. We did the usual things, popcorn, tv, etc.

We got ready to go to sleep and as usual slept in the same bed together, also nothing new. We were up late and her older sister, who also slept in the same room was already in bed and alseep. We laid in bed wispering about the day then each rolling over to sleep. I was horny like I always was/am before bed, but did nothing about it and I was just trying to drift off to sleep, when 'Katey' rolled over and asked me if I was asleep. I rolled and faced her and said 'not yet' at that point she reached towards my pussy under the blankets and started to rub between and around my legs, I was surprised, but automaticaly spread my legs and started to do the same to her. She whispered 'do you touch yourself ever?' and I whispered back that I did and she said she did too. She told me we should take off our nighties and we did, I didn't know she was going to take off her panties too but when she did, I followed suit. We were still under the covers, and being very quite so not to wake her sister. Katie started rubbing herself so I started the same. After a few moments she reached over and started feeling my chest, now mind you, I was only ten and had just large puffy nipples and nothing else on top and I had bald pussy, but my clit and lips were pretty big, I was often embarassed of them and didn't like changing in gym class. She on the other hand, had breasts like two perfect oranges (she was eleven at the time) and some hair on her mound, her clit wasn't as big as mine.

She started playing with my nipples as she fingered herself, it felt great, and I immediatly started playing with her breasts with my free hand as I was fingering myself as well.

Her tits were wonderful, her nipples got very hard and I liked licking them, I got so incredibly wet and it was so hard to keep from breathing too heavy as I was still afraid of waking her sister.

Eventually we started feeling each others pussy's then she started kissing me, shortly after that she wrapped her legs around one of mine, and I wrapped mine around hers and we started humping each other quite hard, it wasn't long till I had an orgasm and I could tell she had one too. It felt incredible!

We went to sleep. In the morning here sister left early and we started masturbating again, only this time in the light so we could see each other, and not under the covers. I had another great orgasm and so did she.

That was the first and only time I was with a girl. I love men, I love being with them, but I still have fantasies about women and enjoy looking at women naked and having sex with each other, and wouln't object to having and encounter with another attractive women.

I have a few other masturbation memories to share at another time :) this might not have been well writen but its a true story :) Hope someone out there enjoyed or related to it!



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