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First and Only

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Age 16-44 years ago when this story happened.


Gary and I had been friends since we were 11-years-old. We were both in the same grade so we spent time after school playing games, riding bikes, as did most pre-teen boys. We lived in a small town where it was safe to travel at will, and by the time we were 16 we both had driver's licenses. We decided to spend an evening in a cabin one summer evening, some 20 miles or so from town. We took his car, which we loaded with food, cooking utensils, and sleeping bags.

We got to the cabin in the afternoon and spent some time hiking the forests and gathering wood for a campfire. After we ate we started playing catch with a football, which turned into more catch and tackle, as the fire died and darkness set in. I don't recall whether I tackled Gary or he me, but we started wrestling. I was able to pin him on his back-holding both wrists, with me straddling his thighs. He freed one of his wrists and started to push me off, but instead, he slowly slid his hand down the front of my pants.

I had never thought of ever doing anything sexually with him, but I had been masturbating for several years, and his touch was very arousing. I let go of his other wrist and he put both hands on the front of my pants and proceeded to rub my penis. I remember saying to him 'If you don't stop I am going to get hard' to which he replied 'that's what I am trying to do.' With me straddling him, I put my hands on the front of his pants and felt his hard penis and I liked it. This was the first time in my life that I had touched someone else and I can say that I felt lust, as I undid his belt and unzipped his pants. At this time he said 'let's go back to the cabin.' With that I let him up and we went to the bedroom where we had laid out two sleeping bags on a double bed.

We both undressed to our underwear and slid into our bags, not really knowing how to proceed. I remember him saying 'what is this down here' as he slid his hand down my chest to my throbbing penis. I will never forget that feeling as he put his hand under my shorts and started stroking me. He was very gentle and proceeded to tease me as much as stroke me. I did the same to him and shortly we were both naked, with our sleeping bags unzipped, freely exploring each other's body. In the dimness of the room we could see each other as we each closely inspected each other's hard members. Both of us were not circumcised, so we both carefully explored the foreskin and the tender heads underneath. I remember him whispering in my ear me to tell him when I was 'close,' so he could slow and keep me from cumming. I did the same to him and I remember how fun it was to do this over and over. By doing so we played and prolonged us both orgasms for as long as we could. When I finally did cum it was the most electrifying feeling I had ever had.

We both fell asleep naked with our hands on or near each other's crotch. I awoke the next morning in daylight with Gary's head on my stomach looking at my penis as he was slowly retracting and replacing the foreskin on my hard-on. Again like the night before, he prolonged my orgasm by asking me when I was close. When I did cum, it was great, but Gary's head blocked my view. After I came, my libido did not decrease, as I wanted to see his penis much like he had seen mine. I too played with his foreskin and remembering how tender the exposed head can be, I used my saliva to lubricate his penis as I slowly played with his foreskin and stroked him. I told him to tell me when he was close but after a couple of pauses he couldn't hold back and I watched and felt his bulging penis squirt a couple of streams of sperm. Lots of the warm fluid landed on my thumb and fore finger wrapped around his penis just below the head. As many of us know the penis can be very tender right after an orgasm and he told me to be gentle which I was. I slowly stroked him as he got soft getting more cum on my hand which was only inches from my face. The smell and feel was over whelming as I licked his cum from my hand. The taste was good-maybe salty and the texture on the tongue pleasant. This night changed our relationship, which led to several more sessions over the next couple of years. This short mutual masturbation relationship is the only male partner I have had in my 60 years-but that first time with him is one that I will never forget.



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