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First and Following Masturbations

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Since my youth I remember loving my cock, even when I was 2 or 3 years old, I had erections, I had dreams of sleeping naked, waking up with this little hard erection. When I was alone at home I undressed, and walked around and I looked at my penis, touched the little balls and got sensation by caressing the scrotum. Getting older I touched myself there through a hole of the trousers pocket while walking in public.
The cock became a strong dick when a got older, maybe when I was 11 or 12, I think he was a real dick: compared to my thin body a mighty tool, pubic hair started growing around the shaft, the glans was covered totally by my foreskin. I touched me as often as possible, but did not stroke the foreskin up and down - it could see and feel the thick head through it but did not know what this sensitive swollen thing was. So, only long strong erections all the time: at school, in the bus, in cinema, during dancing with girls. After that often I discovered a water clear liquid being discharged from the tip of the cock.
I could not stand it any longer, carefully I pulled down the foreskin from my thick glans: the first look at it made me happy; never have seen such an exiting thing - swollen, pink, a dominant corona, then a lot of a white wax (smegma) appeared. I cleaned and washed and got more erected, the water clear liquid flow out of my dick. I started stroking carefully, but pulling down my foreskin gave me pain, I did not dare to pull it down completely - may be it could be torn or how was it fixed to my shaft? Impressing are the thick veins on my shaft and the hard glans. I stroke up and down and felt the hard edge of the glans, did it a long time, but no jerkin' off - because I did not know what could happen at the end of this wonderful masturbation sessions.
When I was 13, while putting on my underpants in the morning, by chance I touched my hard cock at the backside of the glans and ... exploded without warning: I jerked off a flood of a thick whitish juice all over the floor, the overwhelming feeling of this event I never will forget. At that moment, I knew what it was and how to do it again - and from then I did it whenever possible: with long shots onto my body, my face and into my mouth.
As a consequence of this intense hard stroking my foreskin remained off the glans. At that time during holidays at a youth camp the boys were showering together naked, I was the only one with an uncovered glans, unerected, and my dick looked quite adult. One boy took me into a corner, smiled at me and started stroking his cock, which was much thinner then mine. Most of the other boys had left the shower room, he proceeded fast and asked me: look at the top, when he was jerkin' off. From his long dick (may be 9') white jets he shot towards my direction, then he asked me to do the same. I did and jerked off within some seconds into his face - he stared at my shorter but much stronger dick (7' length, circumference 6').
For intense masturbations now I use lubrication (body lotion), and press my nipples; then I am coming quickly. I close my right or left hand around my cock and stroke with medium speed and with a certain strength far up and far down, enjoying the sight on my glans covered and released by the foreskin - red and swollen. Many times I stroke my cock until I reach the top, than relax, reduce the speed of my hand, and the urge to shoot is reduced. Then I proceed and do this many times. At the end I increase speed and pressure, imagine that I hear the voice of my girl friend saying, 'Jerk off, jerk off, jerk off...!' (She really does it this way, when we do it together and she masturbates herself!) Then I come with great intensity, the cum flowing out of my dick as a sticky paste. My girl friend, if she is there, then asks me to press her nipples as hard as I can, she rubs her clitoris and is coming shortly later, screaming. Then she starts masturbating my dick again very hard and fast (sometimes she sucks it to bring me up), and I ejaculate again: a nearly watery clear liquid is ejaculated on her breasts.
After having written this my dick is swollen and slippery at its top - I start now jerkin' off!



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