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First and Best Orgasm Part 4

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Probably the last part in a four part series.


After I came all over his abs I realized he probably knew exactly what I was doing all along so I decided that next time he came over I was going to put on a show. I was going to prance around and try to get his attention to see if he was checking me out.

I put on my skimpiest bathing suit. It was actually from when I was a year younger before I grew my perky boobs and my cute little bubble butt. I was tan and had tan lines that were exposed when I put on this old bathing suit. I danced around in my room wearing this skimpy little thing walking on my toes arching my back and pushing out my butt. I practised in front of the mirror. I shook my butt and thought this may get his attention. The plan was to put on headphones and pretend I was in my own world and dance around him by the pool. Practising this made my nipples rock hard and my clit twitch. As I danced in my room I imagined him watching me and becoming visibly aroused.

I wanted so bad to see his erect penis. I even thought about touching it and maybe even sucking it. I noticed his bulge before and to me it looked huge. I wondered if he went home and jerked off while he thought about my naked wet pussy rubbing all over his rock hard body. I wanted so bad to cum but at this point in my life trying again was pointless. I still couldn't reach orgasm masturbating. I remember teasing myself by rubbing my pussy on the corner of my desk in my room. It felt good but not great. It wasn't going to work so I had to wait. I had to deal with my sexual frustration and wait for the opportunity to see Jake.

It was a few days later if I can remember correctly but he finally showed up. He sat on a lounge chair and peeled off his skin tight tee. He had headphones on and so did I. I started to get stage fright. I walked around at first. I wanted to do everything I was doing in my room but I was being shy. I can't believe I had no problem dry humping him with my bare vagina but can't dance in front of him. Then I got the idea that I would sit next to him on the other lounge chair and then get up and lean over him to get the sun tan lotion on the opposite side of him. All the while perching my ass and giving him a great view. I then could see if he was looking at my ass.

So then I gathered my courage got up, then put my knees on the side of the lounge chair and leaned over him. I could feel his hand by my thigh coincidentally. He then raised up his hand. I thought it was so he wouldn't give me the idea that he was touching me then he put his whole hand on my upper thigh as I leaned. Do you need help? He said. He then leaned up and raised his hand up and now had it completely on my almost naked ass while he reached down and grabbed the lotion for me with the other hand. This is the first time he touched me. I laid on my stomach and squirted the lotion on my lower back and rubbed it into my back and ass. He seemed like he was checking me out but I wasn't sure.

It then started to drizzle a little. He then put his tee back on. I was bummed. Clouds got dark and the skies opened up. We picked up our stuff and headed towards the Florida room attached to my house. We were both soaked. Him from the rain and me from him. I offered to get him a dry shirt and a towel. I came back without the shirt but with a towel. He had his soaking wet shirt in his hand. I will never forget how good his wet chiselled body looked at that moment. He started to dry himself off. I was kneeling on the ground in front of him as he stood there with all his muscles flexing as he dried himself. He was like. Where's the shirt? And I said, it will stop and then we can go back out there. He's like, oh! You just want to see me shirtless. I didn't say anything and must have turned red. He was so right. He looked down at me and said the greatest thing I ever heard in my life.

He said, do you want to see it? I started shaking my head yes before I could utter a dried mouth yes. He said, are you sure? I didn't say anything but he knew I wanted to. He said that I can't tell anyone ever. Then he started to untie his suit. He stopped and said first I have to stand up and turn around. Which I did. He said, you have a nice ass and he swatted it. I turned back around and noticed his huge bulge. He then slowly pulled down his bathing suit. He was hard and thick and perfect. I looked down at it and wanted so bad to touch it. He then said I know you want to touch it. I will let you if you take off your bikini. I was naked in about two seconds. I then approached him and while we were both standing I grabbed it with my right and and pressed my body against his. I held it like a leash and ground my pussy into his thigh while I grabbed his naked ass with my other hand. His cock was huge throbbing and he started to fuck my hand as I ground on him. I was right at full orgasm as soon as my pussy pressed against his body and came for what felt like an hour. He didn't cum and started to pull away. He pulled up his suit and I felt I did something wrong. He said don't tell anyone about this or we can't do it again. And with that I felt great because I then knew I didn't do anything wrong by him and also would explore each other again.



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