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First And Best Orgasm - Part 3

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Part 3 to first and best orgasm. It made me so wet recounting this experience.


One day when my neighbor Jake was over, my mom came out to the pool. When she came out I was grabbing his shoulders and trying to mount him piggy back style. We had developed a rapport where I was able to touch him whenever I wanted. It was kinda like playing around for him but for me it was my young version of sex. I didn't notice my mom at first as I basically molested him and wrapped my legs around his waist. She came over and was like, "Sam!" Kind of in a reprimanding way. She said come here. Come inside. Can I talk to you?

Then she proceeded to tell me not to touch Jake any more. He's a growing boy and I'm a growing girl. I protested saying that we were just playing around. Still she said to stop. I was like what am I gonna do now? Then I went back out there with my soon to be overwhelming feeling of sexual frustration. He came over and laid down right on the ground next to the chair I was lounging in. Then my mom came out with her bikini top on and her sarong that old women wear. Not that my mom was old but she was at least dressed old from the waist down. She had huge boobs and that immediately took Jakes attention. I was jealous of my own mother. She actually took off her Sarong and was now in a bikini. She was in great shape for a 37 year old. Her nipples were rock hard and so was Jake. I never saw his bulge like that before. It was huge and it sent shock waves to my vagina.

My mom went in and Jake sat on the lounge chair next to mine. I turned and put my lower legs over his crotch hoping to feel his bulge and I did. My legs were together and my calves were laying on top of his huge erection. I knew it was risky because my mom could come back but lucky for me she didn't. I could feel the outline of his cock on the sole of my foot as I readjusted my position. Then he jumped up and jumped in the pool. I think he was embarrassed.

The next day my mom was out at the pool again. I was like wtf? Why can't she leave me alone? Then she told me to go and make sandwiches for her, myself and Jake. It was kinda weird. I thought she was up to something so I opened the door and shut it but then hid behind the stairs to the deck. She was laying face down on a lounge chair and he was doing his ab workout within arms length of her. She rolled up a towel and laid on top of it face down. I saw that she draped her hand on his abs, then I couldn't believe it. My mom was a horny devil. She started to hump the rolled up towel slowly then covered herself with the Sarong. She was clearly visibly shaking and cumming. He had no idea.

I then came over to her and busted her. I was like there's no mayo and she jumped. She then went inside. I couldn't believe it. She wasn't checking on me to see if I was groping him she wanted him all to herself. What a horny slut! When she went inside I knew she wouldn't be back out there. I then stood over him then put my foot on his abs. He was like, "stop!" I was like you can't make me. He then grabbed my foot and pulled it. I lost my balance and wound up falling on him. My knees hit him in his chest and they slid off of him and I was then straddling his abs. My pussy was on his abs and I was holding onto him real tight with my arms under him with my hands resting on his shoulders. He tried to pry me off but I protested. I was in a perfect spot to hump his abs. I was dripping and I think he knew it. He was like stop and lifted me up by my arms. I stood up then came crashing down with my knees into his stomach. He jolted forward and made an ugh sound. He said that was messed up. I said I was sorry then started to pat his stomach. I then boldly straddled him again. I had on my favorite bikini bottoms. The ones that I cut a slit out of.

I manoeuvred and could feel my naked pussy on his abs. He leaned forward and his abs flexed. He put his arms behind him and was on a 45 degree angle and I put my hands on his shoulders and pressed my totally aroused vagina on his rock hard abs. I began to hump slightly then more and he flexed his abs while I humped them. I finally realized that he knew exactly what I was doing and he was actually letting me. I humped away and felt like I was going to explode. I couldn't believe he was flat out letting me hump him. It was mesmerizing. I was violently sliding my totally gaping and dripping wet vagina on the sexiest part of his body. And then it happened. I actually squirted a little. When I did he said are you done? I was quivering still on top of him. I was silent and got up and looked down at the white juicy mess I created. When I stood up my legs were shaking. It was total post sex shakes which at the time was new to me. He looked down and was like ew! wtf? I guess he had never seen that before and neither had I. The only thing I felt like I needed to say was don't tell my mom. And with that he got up and jumped in the pool. I told myself that something must be wrong with me and I have to stop but of course I couldn't. And with him now letting me flat out hump him where would it lead?



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