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First and Best Orgasm

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I can remember the first time I had an orgasm like it was yesterday. It was kind of unusual and started an almost daily routine for the rest of that summer. Sometimes I think about those times and it gets me really worked up.

So, it all started one summer day sitting around my pool. My mom told her friend that her son can use our pool anytime. He lived around the block and had been a family friend for years however I hadn't seen him in a while. I was around 13 and he was about 17. When we were younger he was annoying and I didn't like him or pay attention to him so I didn't want to share my pool time with him but then he showed up and I couldn't believe it. He was a god. He was over six feet, he had muscles on top of muscles. He was a weight lifter and actually started competing as a body builder. When he took off his shirt and I saw his ripped abs and chiseled body I felt things I never felt before. I couldn't believe how much I wanted to touch his arms and his chest.

The first day he was there he made small talk and I couldn't stop staring at him. He was flexing and posing. He was in his own world and I could just feast on this sight without fear of being caught. He would go in the pool and do pull ups on the diving board. I would float on a raft and watch his muscles flex with every rep. He kept coming back almost everyday.

One day while he was doing pull ups and I was floating watching and he stopped and said could you help me? I was like sure. He said why don't you get on my back like a piggy back and I will do the pull ups. He said that that would add some weight to his workout. I was under 100 pounds about 5ft but with lean gymnast muscles. I was wearing a two piece I'm sure my nips were hard but he didn't care or notice. I latched myself on his back while he was holding onto the diving board. This was the first time I ever touched a boy. That thought is seared into my memory. I remember thinking oh my god I can't believe I can actually touch him.

I wrapped my legs around him and my vagina was resting on the lower part of his back. His shorts were hung low and the top of his perfect ass was visible. I grabbed hold of his arms and couldn't believe the feeling that was shooting through me. He started to do the pull up motion and I started to slip. He stopped and said are you ok and I adjusted my legs and interlocked them around his waist. I grazed his bulge with my foot. Oh my god my first contact with a penis. He said are you ready and I said hold on a second and for some reason without any premeditation I reached down and pushed my bikini bottoms to the side and pressed my naked vagina on his upper ass/lower back. I couldn't believe I did that. Will he notice? It felt so good that I didn't care.

He started the pull-up motion and there I was I had never masturbated to orgasm. I had humped my pillow but stopped before I reached orgasm because it was taking too long and I didn't have the endurance. So I have my naked vagina pressed against his flexing lower back as I feel his biceps with one hand and reach underneath and started touching his chest. I wanted so bad to touch his nipple for some reason and as I inched closer it started to happen. It wasn't like a crescendo climax it was like I was having a full body mind blowing orgasm from the moment it started until I peeled myself off of him. He kept doing pull ups and my hand reached his nipple,

I couldn't believe the feelings. I could feel my vagina violently contracting and it's only been a few times in my life that I have felt this and every time I do it brings me back to that place. He did about twenty five reps then rested with me still clung to him like a dog to a leg. He did about three more sets and I swear I came the whole time. That summer awakened me to the pleasures of my body. There were many other erotic things that occurred that summer for me but that was the first.



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