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Finishing in the Shower

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I was masturbating with an online friend in the WL chat room until he came and then signed off. So I signed off from chat and practically ran into the bathroom. I got into the shower and leaned against the wall; feeling my pussy with one hand. I knew the wetness I was running my fingers through was the same wetness that started flowing when I read the words that he wrote when he was cumming. I just stood there naked, masturbating and rubbing my clit. I was thinking about him spurting cum on his arm and then down his penis and balls. It made me want to cum more than ever. I was shaking and breathless, so that I was kind of fumbling as I turned the water on and got it just right and warm. Finally everything was okay. After I got myself all wet, I laid down in the floor of the shower and let the water spray over me. I stuck a finger in my cunt and just jilled myself for a minute, rocking back and forth and letting the warm water soak me. At last, at last I was doing it! I could feel my cum building already!

I squeezed my tits, pinched my nipples, and scrubbed my pussy lips. So good! I kind of writhed around under the shower, then scooted up against the tiles and sat under the water. I spread my legs open and let the warm water run down along my pussy slit ... It felt so good! I knew I could make myself cum real quick if I just let the water squirt hard onto my clit and into my cunt hole.

I reached up and grabbed the shower wand and turned it on full force. I wasn't going to hold back or kid around or even tease myself. I started spraying it on my tits and nipples, but I needed it on my pussy right away! I just stuck it between my wide-open legs and blasted my cunt. Oh my god I thought I would faint and cum at the same time! I focused the water into a tight stream and shot it right on Miss Clit. I thought I would DIE! Omg omg I immediately began cumming! It was wonderful!

Once I start I just keep cumming. I laid back against the tiles and made the water stimulate me. I shot it on my clit, then into my pussy, then I sprayed it down to my asshole and then back up on my clit. I kept going back and forth like that, slow and then fast. I began to jerk and quiver on the floor of the shower each time I came. I started moaning and squealing each time the hard squirting of the water made such sweet feelings in my cunt. I just kept having orgasms.

Sometimes I thought of his cock, pretending it was in me. Then I imagined many cocks fucking me. Sometimes I just satisfied myself by spraying the water very hard on my clit over and over until I just couldn't stand it and had to move it off. I could reach up and torture my tits, I stuck my finger inside of me, then sucked it in my mouth. My ass was clenching tight over and over each time I came.

Oh my god, I just came and came. I moved my thighs open and closed, sometimes holding the shower wand with them and feeling the hot water vibrate on my crotch. Sometimes I opened them as wide as I could and sprayed my clit until I came from the pressure. I was hollering fuck words and making a fool out of myself as I masturbated.

The water from the shower above was messing up my hair bad but I didn't care. I was cumming!

I kept doing it until the hot water ran out and it was too cold for me to stand it and I turned the water off. I didn't count how many orgasms I had, but there was a lot of them. I was so out of breath! I tried to calm down as I lay dripping in the shower with the water off.

Then I just walked out into the bedroom and laid down wet on the sheets and rubbed my pussy over and over until I felt like it was almost enough. I'm still rubbing myself as I write this. I LOVE masturbating!



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