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Finger Reputation

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They loved my fingers


When I was a teen I had viewed a sensual massage video my mom had in her room and after that all I wanted to do was give girls pleasure. I loved the look and empty stare as they are cumming. The desperation of them as they are getting close to orgasming was priceless.

I got a reputation in high school for being good with my hands and I got the nickname Fingers. My sisters friends or girls in my grade I would get them off a lot. I went on a crazy run there for about two years. I must have made 15-20 different girls cum on my fingers by the time I was in 12th grade multiple times. I did the most popular girl in school to some of the most conservative girls in school. A lot of times I would just tease them and drive them crazy and just hold my fingers and not move and tell them to ride my fingers hard or I would pull them out and tell them to finish themselves off. Nothing better than a girl with the look of desperation wanting to cum and than denying them. I would love saying rub it for me and watch them rub so fast to make themselves cum, twitch and shake. Other times I would see how horny they were I would have them suck my sticky fingers or I would have them stick their fingers in themselves and make them suck the juices off. After they did that I would always get them off so they would come back to me. I guess the girls told their friends cause I was always getting asked what are you doing this weekend by random girls I never spoke to.

The most daring time I went to this girls house she told her mom she was helping me in maths so she sat at the kitchen table. Her mom turned around and she stuck my hand up her skirt and I played with her while her mom was in the same room. She was a nerdy girl but very cute. I would tease her for like a half hour and she would excuse herself to use the ladies room. She would come out so red faced and sit back down. She would write on my notebook that she just came so hard in the bathroom.

I never had a girlfriend I didn't need one I would get hand jobs all the time and got laid a bunch of times just from being able to get them off.

One day in school I was in the parking lot during lunch and I was with that girl and one of the teachers saw us and reported us to the principal and they called my mom and her mom. We went into a room and they told them and my mom freaked out and grounded me and her mom said nothing and grabbed her by the hand and dragged her out of there. Later that night her mom called my mom and they spoke on the phone and my mom apologized but her mom said it was both of us being curious. I still needed help with Maths and I went by there three days later and her mom made us sit across from each other to teach.

I thought I was going to be in trouble but I realized we were now both 18 and not much anyone could do. The next time I went there her mom was there and said her daughter had to run to the store for her. I didn't know what to say but she started talking and asked if I really liked her daughter. I told her I did and she said we had a talk and she said you know how to take care of a girl. I said what and she said she told me how you got your name Fingers and that it was her daughter that sought me out. I didn't know what to say I mean I have this mom in her early 40s letting me know her daughter loves me to finger bang her. I said so what did you hear? She said she grilled her daughter about us and knew I was doing this with a lot of girls. I said yea I love to do it and love watching their faces as I do it.

She asked me some questions about how I was doing after people found out at school. I said it was strange because I think the teachers know now why they call me Fingers.

She said she was in shock first her daughter was asking to hang out with me but she said she was younger when she was messing with boys but never had orgasms with a man until she was married. She asked me exactly what I did and I told her how I liked to tease girls and make them lick my fingers. I started getting really graphic cause I was getting turned on and said when is the last time you came really hard? She look flustered I said I can tell you really need to cum. She said well I am divorced. I said do you masturbate and she said she did but she preferred the real thing.

I got up off the chair and walked over and asked her if she wanted to get off. She was wearing a denim skirt, so I told her to put one leg up on the kitchen chair. I teased the living shit out of her I had her almost cumming three times before I let her finish herself off. I kept sucking on my fingers and rubbing her clit and finger banging her and rubbing her g-spot. She was about to cum and I stopped and told her to make herself cum. She started rubbing her pussy so fast and she let out a loud groan and shook so hard her knees were buckling and she almost fell over. I told her to give me her panties and I stuck them in my pocket. I messed around with her for a couple of months along with one of her friends but that's a whole different story.



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