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Finger Fun in Cinemas

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My girlfriend and I love mutual.


My girlfriend Gloria and I have tried masturbating each other in the cinema before, however we didn't enjoy it and I felt really guilty about it afterwards and we had said we wouldn't try again.

However, due to busy schedules and going to different schools Gloria and I haven't had a lot of alone time to explore each others bodies. We had phone sex a lot and sent each other photos of our naked bodies on our mobiles.

So when the opportunity to go to the movies became available I was hoping for more than just making out, but wasn't expecting anything. Oh boy was I mistaken!

The movie started normal enough. Holding hands, kissing a little, cuddling up. Although it was nromal to have our hands on each others knees when she was touching me it felt so much better than normal. My hands made it's way to her thigh, I jokingly began squeezing it gently as to make her laugh. she began doing the same to me and soon we were both moving around, including my hand that moved it's way higher up her thigh. I began rubbing my hand against the crotch of her jeans. She began to rock against my hand and moving her hand against my cock which was sticking out against my jeans.

Her hand felt so good rubbing against my cock I wished we were alone so that she could have it in her bare hands. She began to silently moan as I pressed harder and harder against her pussy.

As she squeezed my cock through the jeans I knew I wanted more than just her jeans against my hand.

Slowly, to make sure she was ok with it, I started to unbutton her jeans. She began to queeze my cock harder as a sign to continue. She also moved her arm so that nobody would see where my hand was going to go. I began to slowly undo the zip of her jeans to make sure that it would not be heard by those in front of us. Once her pants were open I moved my hand to the fabric of her underwear, which was very wet and felt so nice.

I began to rub her pussy and clit from the outside Her silent moans got more frequent andI knew she would want more than just a rub against her undies. I moved the wet fabric to the side with my fingers and began to explore her moist slit.

I explored her wet mound with my fingers. Rubbing her clit with my index finger she began to dig her nails against my leg. Although it was painful I enjoyed it because I knew that she was having a great time. I began to go lower and I entered her pussy. I love the opening to the pussy, it feels so good. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world as I pressed my fingers insde her.

How she was sitting in the seats meant I couldn't get inside her very deep but rubbing my fingers against the pelvic bone as I whispered things in her ear bought Gloria to a silent shuddering orgasm. I felt her pussy squeeze against my fingers as her come flowed over them. I continued to rub her a little more until she removed my hand because she 'couldn't take any more and would have screamed out loud in pleasure' as she told me later.

My fingers were dripping with her sweet juices when they were removed and I wanted to taste them as I normally do, however she began to kiss me hard as she always does after an orgasm. Then she began to pay attention to my cock.

Her hand was rubbing me hard and fast thru my jeans. I wish she had of taken them off, however it's messy and dangerous doing that in the cinemas. I also had to hold back from orgasm because we were getting a lift home with her sister and the wet patch would be noticable.

Next week we have alone time planned at my house. It may sound strange, but she's going to bring an extra pair of her underwear for me to wear and she'll be wearing a pair of mine. If all goes well I'll post the details.

I love this site!



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