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Finding the Hot Tub

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After my son was very obviously trying to listen to me masturbating in my bed at night I decide that it would be best to stop, at least while he was home. The problem was that I was feeling very horny at night and unable to get to sleep.

My apartment complex has an outdoor pool so one night about 11:00 when I was not able to get to sleep, I decided to put a swim suit on and do some exercise. I quiety left the apartment with a towel, walked to the pool which was empty and swam laps. When I was done I moved to the warm hot tub and turned on the jets.

This was my first time in this hot tub. I had avoided it because it was always crowded. Sitting with a jet at my back I was suddenly made aware of the nice feeling that the bubbling water created when it pulsated agaist my back and down across my bottom. Then I noticed that if I sat up a bit, the bubbles ran between my legs and against my vulva. This was having the oppposite effect that I had imagined. It was making me more, not less horny. But I couldn't stop. It had been days since I had relieved myself and feelings of sexual arrousal were coursing through my body.

With nobody at the pool I started to move my bottom so that I would get the best possible pressure and as I did I became very arroused. Unfortunately my best attempts were not good enough to take me anywhere near a climax and I was getting discouraged. I could have used my fingers but being in a public place convinced me that I should not do anything so obvious.

After several minutes of manipulating myself by backing up against the jets I decided to give up and then quite by accident I noticed that when I stood and turned around so that I was facing the side of the pool the jets hit me exactly in a wonderful spot. With a little moan of relief I slid forward and leaned over the edge of the hot tub so that the jet was pulsating against my pubic bone. The feelings were so intense and wonderful that my knees buckled and I moaned out loud.

I crouched there like that for several minutes letting the bubbles do their magic. Because of the pressure so high above my clit I wasn't climaxing but I knew that it would happen soon. The vibrations had me suspended in a state of extacy and feeling groggy.

Sudddenly somthing caught muy attention and I looked up to see another woman getting into the hot tub with me. I recoiled from my position, embarassed but hoping that she had not realized what I was doing.

The woman was 60ish, a bit chubby but with a friendly smile. She walked to the same side of the tub as me, smiled, and said 'I have been watching you, and it looks as if you have disccovered my little secret.'

My embrassment prevented me from responding.

'Look, she said, I have been waiting because I didn't want to interrupt you, but I have to get to bed soon so I thought that I would join you instead.'

I was flabbergasted.

'Please go back to what you were doing. Don't let me stop you,' she added.

With that she positioned herself against the jet next to mine, less than three feet away and began to do exactly what I had been doing. She smiled as she began and said, 'please keep going.'

One part of me wanted to run back to my apartment, but pent up sexual tension took over, and I retuned to my position. So there we were. Two ladies smiling at each other, leaning up against hot tub jets and allowing sexual pleasure to consume us.

As I watched her I could see that she had a technique. Her body undulated from close to the jets to a position at least a foot away from them.

'If you stand too close, the pressure is too strong,' she offered. 'Start with the jet up high and close then as you move away lift up so it is directed toward your clit.'

Stunned by this dialogue I began to follow her lead and do what she was doing. And then it happened, The situation was so erotic and the new motions of the bubbles shoved me over the edge, I climaxed with a gasp and a moan and collapsed on the side of the hot tub. My new friend, who was much faster than me, picked up the pace of her motions and followed my orgasm with her own, squeezing her face into a contorted circle and going into mini convulsions.

We got out of the pool together and she introduced herself. 'We'll have to do this again she said as she left.'



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