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Finding Sir Lancelot

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In seventh grade when I was 12 everyone had to do some Art event. I couldn't draw or play any musical instrument or anything else that was offered and delayed doing anything until the last play of the year and I was basically forced to join the act. I wasn't the only one. The first day consisted of about 20 boys and 3 girls in sixth grade and 3 boys from seventh grade. Our drama teachers had some play in mind but switched to another when she saw that it was mostly all boys. We would play King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Even though most of us didn't want to be there we were glad we at least had a play that was filled with swords and stuff. We had auditions, even though everyone had to be in it, it was more for who you would get to be. I was very happy to get the part of Sir Lancelot since it was one that had the most fighting and action but not many lines.

Most of us were really into it by the end of the 2 months of rehearsal. In a week we were to have a dress rehearsal and our teachers wrote down what size clothes we wore. The next week me and a bunch of other boys were about to walk out when we found out we would have to wear green tights and tunics, a sort of long shirt that went to just below our behinds. Mrs. Simke was not about to give in and said the costumes were what everyone wore then and we would make the play as 'authentic' as possible. We couldn't walk out though since we had to do the play or fail the year no matter what our other grades were and there wasn't anything else that late in the year we could do. I started wishing I was a rock or tree or something.

Mr. Gertner took the 10 or 12 of us boys that had to wear those costumes into a room to try them on for rehearsal. I was the only seventh grade boy there and a little bigger than the rest. We were told to take off our clothes, some boys complained but Mr. Gertner said we were all boys and we wouldn't see anything we hadn't seen before. Mr. Gertner looked to me with a look that said 'help' so I just told all the sixth graders we should just do it and get it over with. I only imagined us getting down to our underwear and everyone but a couple had boxers, the other two had briefs. The worst part of the thing was that we found our boxers don't fit good with tights. Mr. Gertner ordered us to take off our boxers and go commando under the tights. There were some boys who said they weren't going to take off their underwear but Mr. Gertner looked at me again and said 'Look boys, Cole won't mind. Will you Cole?', with a look of 'You want to pass this year, don't you?' I sort of pretended to protest but really didn't mind stripping. At the time I started having a nice bush of hair and my penis was about 4-5 inches long, even though thin yet, and my balls had got a lot bigger and were really hanging down a lot. My dad made me strip for a shower at the YMCA a few months before and this younger kid saw me and just yelled out 'Look how big that kids penis is and he got hair!' It was kind of funny hearing it from a little kid but even though I was embarrassed at first I was proud that someone noticed and took every opportunity to show off when I could. I knew most of the sixth graders if not all of them were still probably not started puberty yet so I would be the biggest one so I took off my boxers in front of everyone. One kid said 'whoa' and another said to a kid 'he's got hair' Pretty soon all the boys were naked starting with one who had just a little hair starting and another with a penis almost as big as mine. Mr. Gertner started to complain that we all had to get dressed and a couple kids complained that he told us to get bare so why was he in a hurry to for us to get dressed. A couple boys even got boners and were showing them off.

Mr. Gertner finally got us all to put the tights on and our tunics. I was really embarrassed because my penis and balls would really show through the material. They were real thin spandex like those bike shorts and speedos and fit really tight. Everyone could actually see the outline of my penis and balls. It made it worse that there was like a silk or nylon lining in where our privates are like a thong sewn in and the feel gave me a boner and it showed. Most of the other boys didn't even show anything and only a few showed just a little but not like me. I didn't mind showing off a little to few younger boys but I was afraid of letting girls and maybe a whole audience of parents, teachers and other kids see me like that. Mr. Gertner and me got everyone dressed and sent them out. I told Mr. Gertner about my problem but he told me no one would see it under my tunic and once I got used to the feel my erection would go away.

We didn't have much time left for rehearsal that day but we still had to live through a lot of the other kids laughing and making jokes about our tights and tunics. Word got around about my 'big dick' and I saw even the girls trying to a look at it. I laugh about it now because it was still small but it was big for all of us kids. It didn't help any of us when our parents started to come in to pick us up and we were still dressed in our stuff and the mom's were saying that we were all 'so cute' and 'adorable' and took pictures and stuff. Some mom's wouldn't even let they're boys change so they had to ride home like that to show someone how cute they were. I'm glad my dad picked me up and made me change. I was glad to get out of it. I was in it for about an hour and I had a boner the whole time and was starting to hurt.

I remembered what Mr. Gertner said about getting used to the material and it would go away so I tried wearing those tights every chance I could except at school, usually under my pants so no one could see. I even wore them to bed one night but after a week I still had a boner almost the whole time and the play would be in a few days. Two days before the play we had another dress rehearsal and I still had that boner. No one could really see it but I knew it was there and it was uncomfortable. At one part I had to ride a horse, slay a dragon with my long lance (like a 4 foot spear thing) and save a princess. The horse was two boys under a horse costume. I fell off once and when I did I laid on my back and my tunic was up around my waist and I was hoping no one saw my boner before I got up, especially the princess. Mrs. Simke made us do it again and I got back on the horse and she told someone to hand me my lance. That's when one of the boys yelled out 'He doesn't need that, he got a lance in his pants!' Everyone laughed and I went over to the kid and punched him till Mr. Gertner pulled me off him. The damage was done though and I heard lance in his pants the rest of the school year.

Mr. Gertner took me to the other room to get me to calm down. he asked me if I was still having a problem with an erection and I broke down and admitted I was. I think I was almost crying about it but I didn't know what to do. He asked me if I tried masturbating to help it go away. I said yes but the closest I ever got to that was rubbing it with my hand over the tights a little or rubbing against my mattress or pillows. I really didn't know about getting an orgasm or anything. Mr. Gertner kept talking to me and finally told me about getting an orgasm and how to stroke myself with my fingers to get a great feeling and then my boner would go away for a while. I just had to do that before putting them on and I might not get a boner. I thought I would get suspended or something for hitting the kid and wouldn't have to do the play anyway but I guess I didn't hit him to hard and he actually said it was his fault and his parents told them to not punish me.

We had one more rehearsal before the play and it was at night and we had to go through it just like the real thing. I was getting real nervous. I went home and had dinner and my mom made me get dressed before we left. I didn't have a chance to do what Mr. Getner told me but I was surprised that I didn't get a boner before practice. I think I must have been to nervous to get one. It did get hard about half way through the the play when I slayed the dragon. I was pretty angry about it. It was still there when my mom took me home. It was dark by then and I sat in the back of our van and took those tights off and was naked underneath. I remembered what Mr. Gertner said again and trying to not let my mom see what I was doing I started pulling up and down on my boner with my fingers. About ten minutes later I started to feel something I thought might be an orgasm like Mr. Gertner said. I finally laid down on the seat so my mom wouldn't know, pulled the tunic up to my chest and played with it faster. The last turn before we got to my house I felt I was going to pee so bad but I couldn't stop what I was doing and then I felt my boner get even bigger and harder and throbbing and every time my skin came over the head it felt incredible and then I felt like my body burst and some cum came out over my fingers and on my penis and down my belly. It was too dark to see and I was still resting and feeling the slimy stuff and my soft penis when we pulled in the garage and the light went on.

I quickly covered myself and was going right to my room. I hoped my mom didn't notice but I was halfway up the stairs when my mom called me and asked where my tights were and I said in the van and she made me get them. I was back in the garage when I saw cum leaked through the front of my tunic and I saw some on the seat of the van. I tried to wipe it up with the tights but it still showed so I just ran as quick as I could to my room and no one saw. I showered and went to bed thinking about my first orgasm. I got hard again and tried having another but I fell asleep trying. The next day we had our first play as a school assembly just for the school. I wore the tights under my jeans on the way to school and got a boner on the bus. The play was second period but I told my home room teacher I had to go to the stage to get ready for the play even though I didn't. Instead I went to a boy's room that was not used much and went in a stall and took down my pants and tights and masturbated till I squirted stuff out. It took a while because other kids kept going in and out and I had to wait because I didn't want them to hear me. I didn't cum until after the second bell and was late getting to the stage but Mrs. Simke didn't say anything after Mr. Gertner told her I was taking care of something for him. She just asked me why my face was so red but I said I felt alright. I wondered if Mr. Gertner knew why I was late but we never said anything. I was amazed that I got through the whole play without getting a boner. I don't think it mattered because I don't think anyone saw me underneath anyway but I felt better.

I remember having to go commando under my jeans the rest of the day after Mrs. Simke made us leave all our costumes at the stage so we wouldn't forget anything that night. I forgot to bring boxers and even had to wear gym shorts outside for soccer in gym class with nothing on underneath. I got a boner then too and it stuck straight out but I covered it with my shirt.

I went home and before dinner I told my mom I was taking a shower and went to my room and got naked and masturbated on my bed before I took a shower. It worked again and I didn't get a boner.

We did the play two nights and I did the same thing again Saturday night.

On Saturday Mrs. Simke said we could wear our costumes home if our parents wanted and we could bring them back the next week after our mom's washed them. Michael was one of the other boys in seventh grade and we made friends. He was the back of the horse. I asked him to sleep over the last night and his mom was OK with it and he rode home with me. I got a boner in the tights on the way home and it went down my one leg instead of up because I was sitting down when it happened. I had to reach under and get it right and Michael saw me. He started teasing me singing 'You got a la-ance, you got a la-ance' I punched him and he stopped because I was bigger than him. I wanted to masturbate right there but I couldn't.

On the way home my parents made us stop for ice cream. I didn't want to go in but my parents made me but they got us what we wanted and nobody said anything except one lady came up and told us she saw the play and said it was good. I had a boner the whole time. It didn't help when I spilled some ice cream in my lap and my mom started cleaning it up with napkins. I told her I could do it but she wouldn't let me and she was rubbing my boner. I didn't know if she felt it or not but I did and it was embarrassing.

When we got home my mom made me take off the tunic right in the garage so she put it in the washer right away and told me to bring down the tights after I changed. My boner and balls were really sticking out and me and Michael ran up to my room. Michael was singing his 'you got a la-ance' thing the whole way and I tackled him when we got there. He started saying 'Oh, don't stab me with your lance' and stuff when I was on top of him. My dad yelled to stop and I pinned him and made him say uncle and promise not to say anything more. I think he knew how mad I was and not just kidding. I let him go and laid on the floor beside him. I told him I was tired of everyone making fun of me and I wish my thing wasn't so big. He told me I was crazy and all the other boys were actually jealous. He didn't change with us the first day and he asked me if I really had a lot of hair like the others said. I said I had some but probably not more than him and those boys were all in sixth grade and younger. Michael told me had hardly any hair at all and his dick was smaller and he wished he had one like mine. He asked me if it was always big and hard like it was and I told him only when I had to wear the tights. He asked what they felt like and I said kinda cool and I said he could feel if he wanted. I thought he would just feel the leg or something but he just reached over and felt right near where my boner was. He didn't touch it right away but he said he thought it felt smooth he said he would get hard if he had to wear them to. He kept feeling it and got real close to my dick and it made it twitch a couple times and we could see through the material. I said see what it does and he said cool. I thought it might be gay but I didn't tell him to stop. He just kept going close and making it twitch. It made my boner feel real good like I was going to cum. I couldn't help starting to breath hard and stuff. Michael took a finger and just rubbed on my boner once and I jerked it felt so good. He looked at me like he wanted to know if it was OK but I didn't say anything and just looked down at his hand rubbing me there. He started to rub up and down all the time and we laughed when it twitched more. He told me it was real hard and started to rub it up and down between his fingers. We could actually see the head starting to come out the skin on the end through the tights. I couldn't stand it anymore and push into his hand more and then it squirted like six times in my tights. We could see the wet spot getting bigger each time. Michael stopped and asked me why I peed but I said it wasn't pee and he made me cum. He asked to see it so I thought why not and pulled my tights down and I showed him my cum and boner. It was going soft but I showed him my cum was slippery and stuff and he felt some too.

Just then we got real scared because my mom called up the stairs and asked what we were doing and what's taking so long to bring the tights down to her and stuff. We heard her coming up and I quickly got them off and rolled them up in a ball and told Michael to give them to her. I didn't want her coming in my room when I was bare. She was at the top of the stairs when Michael got to her. When he got back I just sat on the bed and asked him if she saw my stuff in the tights. He didn't think so but I waited long enough for her to get them in the washer. We didn't hear any screams or yelling for 5 minutes so I figured we were OK when I heard my dad come up the stairs. I tried to get a pair of boxers out and get them on but didn't have time and I had to cover with my hands when my dad looked in the door. My parents never knocked back then. He just looked between me and Michael sitting on the bed looking guilty and stuff and he just finally said, 'You two boys better stop fooling around and take a shower to get cleaned up.' and then he closed the door and went back downstairs. It was hard to tell if my mom showed him the mess or he just came up because it was already 11:00 and he wanted us in bed. Michael asked if he looked mad and I didn't think so but sometimes it's hard to tell with my dad. I said maybe we better get a shower and go to sleep. Michael asked if my dad meant for us to shower together. I wasn't sure. I took showers with boys sleeping over before but not for about a year or so and my parents didn't make us. I told Michael he could do what he wanted. He saw me naked already so I didn't care anymore. He said he didn't want to be alone if my mom or dad came up and they were mad so he took off his clothes while I started the shower. We got in and I saw he had a little hair but not any bush yet but his penis was almost the same size as mine but no skin on the end.His balls are almost the same as mine. We didn't really do anything just showered as fast as we could and we got on boxers and we got in bed.

We talked a little and he asked me how long I made cum and I said I just started a few days before and I asked him he made any yet and he said no. We heard my parents come up and my mom looks in and tells us to go to sleep. There room is next to mine so we had to keep quiet and we went to sleep. I woke up like 5:00 and Michael was laying half on me and he woke up when I pushed him off. We started talking again and he wanted to see me cum again. I thought he wanted to play with my dick and make me cum again. I didn't care. He already sort of felt it and I was already hard and was going to try it myself. I said he could do it only if he lets me feel his. He said OK but I had to do him first and I thought it was fair.

We took our boxers down and I felt his and it was hard already too. It was like and inch shorter than mine. I started to go up and down like I learned and he said he never did it that way and it felt good and keep going. I was laying on my side and he grabbed my dick and was squeezing it when he had an orgasm. Only a little stuff came out and it was watery not thick like mine was. He then did mine and it came again. We went in my bathroom and cleaned up and went back to bed and fell asleep again.

My mom came in like 11:00 and woke us up. We were still naked under the covers and I thought she would never leave. She just kept telling us to get up while she got clothes out of my dresser for me to wear and was straightening up. My dad came by and got her to leave us alone and we got up and my dad took us out for breakfast.

I thought he didn't know what we did but at the end of breakfast he told us that he knew boys our age might try to experiment doing things and it was OK and part of growing up but not to do anything that would hurt and to never do things that involve putting anything up our butts. It was a little embarrassing but we just said OK. My dad also said if we had any questions we should talk to him but not let mom know and then he changed the subject.

After a while I thought it was cool what dad said and me and Michael jack off together sometimes but not as much as we used to. We are more interested in girls but its impossible to get them to do stuff so we have to go solo.



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