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Finding New Ways To Cum

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Recently, I've just gotten into University, and I've been finding it hard to masturbate. Usually I just do it when my roommate leaves for class, but it's usually a rushed orgasm, and it's not that pleasureable. I then thought about doing it in the shower, and then realized the space was too confined and I usually only have time to shower in the morning, and in the morning I find my orgasms are too weak.

After thinking while jerking one night, when my roommate was gone home for the weekend, I had an idea. The bathrooms. They may be public, but at night time, (around 1-2am), who's going to be in there? So, nervous and horny as hell, I went to the bathroom, which was empty. I was excited and my raging hardon proved it. I dropped my boxers to the floor and started jerking. I decided to stand up and tease myself, and it felt fantastic! I kept it up and soon found out that the thought of being caught or someone walking in was what was fueling my pleasure! I had to stifle my mouth with my free hand to stop the animalistic sounds that so badly wanted to come from my mouth. I continued to jerk slowly, and then thought of how awesome it would feel if I was completley naked!

I stepped out of my boxers and was standing, barenaked, in a public bathroom, jerking slowly but oh did it feel good. I felt my orgasm start to build and my cock was so hard. I remember staring at it intensely and wowing at how BIG it was! Pre cum was dripping and I rubbed the slick juice all over the head of my cock. I then began to rub on my tight balls and all of a sudden, I got the urge to rub my balls even harder. So while I was jerking with my right hand, I was grinding my balls together with my left. I felt the orgasm get closer, and all of a sudden, I stopped... but cum still came out. Not much, but enough to rub over my cock.

It was now slick and wet and throbbing. I felt the orgasm build again, but I stopped once more. The feeling was so intense! I moaned a little, and almost fell over. My legs were so shaky, but I made my self stay standing. I took a deep breath and wiped some of the sweat off my forehead. I started stroking once more, knowing that this time I was going to let myself cum and cum good. I stroked it as painfully slow as possible. I felt the orgasm build to the top, and even further. I kept the same slow pace and the cum began to shoot. I fell to my knees, breathing heavily and seeing stars. My cock was still cumming and cumming.

Finally, the orgasm subsided... but here's the weird part. I still wanted to continue! This has never happened before! I decided to sit on the toilet, as my legs weren't working. I assumed it would take forever to build up another orgasm, but I was surprised! It took about 30 seconds of slow jerking, to reach my second, and final orgasm for the night. When I came the second time, I let myself moan and didn't care who heard me.

I finally fell onto the cold cement of the public bathroom floor, panting and wheezing. It took about 5 minutes of me lying in my own juice to finally get back up, and leave. I walked out and saw someone I knew. He was standing there with his mouth wide open. All he said was, 'From the sounds of it, I bet that felt AWESOME!' All I said, was 'You have NO idea.' I walked out, but not before I gave his cock a little squeeze. I heard him gasp a bit, and smile.

If you liked this, I could write more. Just let me know.



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