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Finding Jen

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True Story


True story: One summer I was doing a three day Air Conditioning install. The home owner had arranged for his niece (Jen) who just graduated high school to come and stay at the house. That way some one would be home to let me in and lock up behind me. The first day I was making tons of trips in and out. The whole time Jen was sitting back in a recliner, all the way back, in her sweats, covered with a blanket catching a few winks. I remember when I first met Jen coming in, she was just an average looking, 18 year old with great big boobies! Anyway, I am carrying new stuff in, old stuff out. Walking past her in the recliner. Then, on one of the trips I notice she is laying there with her legs pulled up, spread apart and a hand going down between her legs. So I go past her like I do not notice on my way downstairs. Being a horn dog, my hard on was telling me to sneak up and spy a bit. So I did.

So I tiptoed upstairs and found a great place to spy. No doubt, she was playing with herself. Her head was tipped back to one side, her eyes were closed, her legs were pulled up and spread, the blanket was down to her knees, her sweats were pulled just so slightly down and her mind was zoned in on one thing only! I had a view from behind. Kind of over her shoulder. I could see some pink panties and bushy hair under her hand. After about 20 minutes of watching her I got to see and hear her cum. She sounded like a chipmonk when she came. 15 or 20 seconds of chipmonk sounds. It was soooo sexy.

So I sneak back downstairs and start working. I am so hard and horny I cannot think. Then I hear a noise on the other side of the wall of the mechanical room I am working in. After a bit I hear a shower start up. I go out and around the hallway and realize Jen has a make shift bedroom in the basement. And she is in the shower in the basement bathroom. And, she has left her sweats and panties lying outside the door to the shower. Like a dog I dug into the pile of clothes looking for her panties. I found her pink thong. It was soaked. I mean soaked. Not a dry spot on it. I rubbed it on my face, her heavy scent sticking to my skin. My cock was out and I was shooting cum into her sweats in seconds. I mopped her thong in my cum. I smeared her thong full of her cum and mine all mixed together over my face. Then, the shower stopped. I dropped her thong on top of her sweats and hurried back to the mechanical room.

I was shaking, I knew I was going to be found out. I left Jens clothes all amiss, scattered, full of my spend. No way she could miss that. I snuck a peek around the corner and there was Jen. Naked, dripping water, a towel over her shoulders, bent over exposing her booty, licking my cum off her thong and sweats. I was so utterly shocked I drew in a large gasp air. Jen heard the gasp. Jen just slowly stood up with her clothes and went around the corner to get dressed. I went back to work.

I was relieved thinking we both caught each other and were ok with it. I did not know how I was going to face her. At noon I went up for lunch. Jen and I chatted like nothing happened. And off I went for lunch. I came back and the day goes as normal.

The next morning I show up as the home owner is leaving. He lets me in. I go downstairs and start working. No sign of Jen. So I tiptoe around and spot her on the makeshift bed (couch) sleeping. Just before noon I hear Jen stirring and the shower starts. I was in flash looking for panties. Jen didn't disappoint me. By the couch she left another pile of sweats with a black thong right on top. Again, in seconds I had a load in her sweats and her thong rubbed all over my face.

Soon the shower stopped and Jen came out naked, dripping water with the towel over her shoulders. She went straight to the pile of clothes and picked up her sweat bottoms. She layed down on the couch and started rubbing my spend all over her breasts. Then Jen's cell phone rang and I had to beat a hasty retreat to keep from being caught. When she was done with the phone call she was dressed and upstairs. It was noon. I went up and we chatted like nothing happened as I left. I came back from lunch and the day went as normal. Except I kept thinkng of that wonderful Jen with my cum rubbed on her huge boobies!! I couldn't take it, I snuck into her makeshift bedroom, found a pile of her dirty clothes and jacked with her thongs. And jacked, and jacked some more.

As I was leaving that day Jen called me back from the driveway. I went back to the house. My mind was going like a mile a minute. Jen told me I forgot something in the mechanical room I might need.

I went down for a look. Not finding anything, a bit puzzled I turned and there was Jen. I asked her what I forgot, and Jen looked me me right in the eyes and said, 'Me, you forgot to take me'. She stepped in to me, we kissed. The second we kissed I could feel her body charge with sexual energy.



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