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Finding a Place

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I love to masturbate and my favourite way is with my electric toothbrush. The problem that I have is that the toothbrush makes a lot of noise and I live in a house with four house mates and the walls are pretty thin. This means that I can only masturbate with my toothbrush when no-one else is in-this never happens!

The other day I was feeling pretty horny and was trying to use my hands to get off, but I knew I needed more. I didn't really think it through but the next thing I knew I had grabbed my toothbrush, put it in my bag, and gone out to the car. I drove off down the road and realised I had no idea where I was planning to go! All I knew was that I needed to find somewhere where I could masturbate with my toothbrush and not be seen or heard.

As I was driving along I noticed the Garage on the side of the road with a car wash. Perfect, I thought. In the car wash I could easily make as much noise as I wanted as it would be drowned out by the jet washers and no one would see as you get trapped in. The only thing was I would have to be quick but judging by how horny I was at the time I didn't think this would be a problem.

I went into the garage and bought the longest car wash session I could, got back into the car and drove round into the car wash, very excited. As I parked the car and turned off the engine I realised that there were no doors coming down behind or in front of my car. Then I looked to the side and noticed the walls were made of glass. Just my luck, I might have been able to make as much noise as I want but if anyone looked over it would have been pretty obvious what I was doing.

I sat in the car waiting for the wash to finish, extremely frustrated. I knew I would have to go find somewhere else to masturbate but for now I needed some sort of taster or what was to come. I quickly checked that no one was looking my way, got the toothbrush out of the bag, turned it on, and placed it on the seat so my clit was resting on it. Wow it felt good!

As soon as I had done this, the car wash finished and I drove out. As I drove along, searching for somewhere I could pull up, the pleasure I was feeling below was getting pretty immense. I was getting so preoccupied with the pleasure I was feeling that I had to turn off the toothbrush so I could actually drive safely.

I turned on to some country road hoping for a quite side road with no cars and somewhere safe to pull over. At least it was dark now so it would be harder for people to spot me. Sadly I could not find anywhere safe to pull over.

I had been driving along these country roads, not quite knowing where I was, for quite a while now. The roads had become very quite and it was now completely dark. Just as I was about to give up and head home, I noticed a lay-by on the side of the road. I quickly pulled in. The road was completely quiet and even if a car did drive past they would have to look right inside the car to see anything. I decided to risk it as by now the feeling was unbearable.

I unzipped my jeans and placed the toothbrush in side. As I turned it on I let out a small moan of relief. Each time a car passed I quickly grabbed my mobile to make it look like I had pulled over to make a phone call-just in case anyone looked in.

As I got more and more into my masturbation session I gave up with the phone idea as it meant I had to keep stopping and starting. I was so horny at this point that I think I almost wanted someone to look in (I don't think anyone did though).

I could feel the vibrations travelling through my body. I had become more daring by this point that I let my jeans and underwear fall down to my ankles. With one hand holding the toothbrush on my clit, I used the other hand to lift up my top and massage my breasts. I had never felt so turned on in all my life. My hand that had been on my breasts then travelled down and I inserted two fingers inside me. However I could not quite get the perfect angle because my legs were being held down by my jeans round my ankles. So I pulled of my jeans and underwear completely and rested my feet on the steering wheel.

I had one hand rolling the vibrating head of the toothbrush all around my clit, and two fingers from my other hand pumping in and out of me. As the pleasure built up, my whole body tensed and then a small amount of liquid gushed out of me. This made the feeling even better as I spread the liquid all around my area. As I rubbed it around, even more gushed out. With his I let out a loud moan of immense gratitude. My whole body started contracting, I was moaning lots, and soaking my self. Gradually the contractions and ejaculations subsided and I collapsed in my seat completely exhausted but completely satisfied.

After a short while I pulled back on any clothes that I'd taken off, put the toothbrush back in my bag and headed off home. Whilst driving I let out a knowing smile as I realised just how much of a wet patch I had left on my seat. It was a nice reminder of the immense pleasure I had just experienced.



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