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Finals Fun

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I've been reading the stories on this site for years. This is the first time I've had the courage to write a story. It's a little long. I guess I sort of got carried away to the memory!


First a little background: I go to a large university on the west coast and live in a dorm room with one roommate (who is asleep right now). All of the bathrooms in the dorms are co-ed and it was uncomfortable at first but I gradually got used to it and even started to enjoy it, the shower doors were made specially so they closed with no cracks to see through and were extra tall so no one could look over or under them. It made the people on our floor seem like one big family and it always added a little excitement to my day to stand in the shower completely naked and hear people talking and guys walking by and standing there naked just feet away.

But this year I'm living in a dorm that used to be a women's dorm and got changed to co-ed this year, and the showers don't have the special doors. There's one group of four showers with just curtains that don't always hide you very well and and there's one handicapped shower in it's own area behind a curtain and a swinging stall door with a detachable showerhead. So pretty much everyone avoids the normal showers and takes turns in the handicapped one, me included.

OK, so anyway, last week was the end of the quarter and I hadn't masturbated in a while going into it. At the beginning of the week I noticed that the guys around campus were looking more attractive than usual and a couple of times when I went to the bathroom I noticed that my panties were very damp. But finals are very competitive here and I didn't have any free time so I just tried to channel that extra excitement into my studying. By Wednesday and Thursday I was catching myself daydreaming about guys I knew in class and I was tempted a few times to sneak off to the bathroom in the library and rub myself right there, but I was so tired from late nights of looking over notes I knew that if I did I'd just fall asleep right away and fall behind on my final papers. Basically, my horniness was the only thing keeping me awake and alert enough to do my work.

Finally it was Thursday night. Just one final paper left, Ancient Philosophy, a class where I needed a good finish. My roommate was sitting with her back to me, leaning over a book on her desk and I was sitting in the glow of my computer screen trying to concentrate on an argument of Aristotle, and not doing very well. I was starting to get stressed that I wouldn't be able to finish. I was getting very tired and my attention span was waning, and my mind and even my right hand kept wandering down towards my clit and I was getting very wet. I finally decided that I needed to take a break and that I would go and take my morning shower early; that way it would wake me up now and I wouldn't have to get up as early in the morning. The plan was just to take a quick shower and I believed it, but I think a part of me knew what was going to happen. I took my bra off and changed into a big t-shirt and shorts, picked up my basket with my Shampoo and Conditioner and towel in it and walked down the hall and into the bathroom.

It was late, the bathroom was quiet, and the big handicapped shower was free. I went in, closed the swinging door, placed my basket just outside the curtain and pulled it across to the wall. I looked out once more to see if anyone had come into the bathroom then, safe behind the curtain, I slid off my t-shirt, shorts and wet panties and felt my nipples stiffen in the cool air as I took a step towards the showerhead in my flip-flops. I turned the shower on and stood just to the side as it warmed up, getting more turned on all the time but doing my best to stay calm and ignore it like I had that morning and the morning before. I let down my hair and used the detachable shower-head to wet it, enjoying in my heightened sense the feel on the mist and spare water droplets hitting my dry skin.

About then, I heard the door open, a few footsteps come in, stop, and go back out. Someone looking to use the shower. At the sound of the door I tensed and looked quickly back at the curtain to ensure that I was hidden; I already had a sense that this was not just normal showering. Without picking up a towel or soap, I calmly ran the showerhead around all of my upper body just a few inches off my skin, to sort of blast myself clean, I guess. I felt a flutter as the spray passed across my small breasts and hardened nipples. At that point I could not avoid thinking about what I wanted to do and I had to stop my free hand from sliding down between my legs.

But I knew that after a climax I would collapse into bed and I felt the power of my half-finished paper that, in that state, would earn me the wrath of a snubbed snob of a professor (it sounds silly even now but he had been kind to me and grades are big around here). I could enjoy this without giving in to it, I have the will-power. About then I had passed my lower back with the showerhead and brought it around the front to the lower part of my stomach, and as it did my breathing quickened. As the stream slid onto the skin below my belly button my calm started to give way and a new, deeper level of arousal rose up from within me. My hand continued to guide the showerhead further down and my thoughts began to change quickly. If I don't finish this now there's no way I'll be able to concentrate, and I can force myself to get up in the morning if I really need to. As my pelvis began to throb and the showerhead came down through my pubic hair and around my mons I started to angle it up, and it's not really a decision anymore so its time to enjoy it. As my thoughts gave way that new blissful arousal blossomed through my entire body down to the tips of my toes and I leaned over the showerhead and pushed it up between my legs as I sat down on the wooden handicapped seat, leaned back against the tile and looked up at the curtain through unfocused eyes. I held the showerhead still up between my slightly spread legs and relaxed to a point I couldn't remember to let the pleasure take over as it glowed and pulsed through me. I heard the door open and shut again with a few brief steps but I hardly gave any thought to my slightly extended legs that were in a clear line of sight from the foot under the door. She couldn't come in here. What could he really know? It just added to the underlying thrill of being there in the common bathroom. Then my arousal overflowed. My body shook and I gasped for air as my feet spread slightly across the floor, my eyes barely open. It was a long orgasm; and it rolled through me on and on until my gasps gradually turned to heavy, deep breathing and subsided well below the sound of the muted stream of water coming from the showerhead.



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