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Finally, yet so Scared

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I have read many stories in this site and wondered if I would ever get to experiment, so read on to find out!!!


I have a friend who we will call Mike. Mike is my same age and we have been friends for about five years.

Well, this happened not too long ago. My friend came over to my house one night to use my computer. I was a little tired so I decided to go to sleep. Before going to bed, Mike had joked around about his plans to 'jerk off' and asked me for a condom. I thought, yeah, whatever, so I gave him the condom. After that I tried to go to sleep but it took me a while...

Later on in the night, I woke up but didn't make any noise. Then I started to wonder what some noise was. When I looked at my friends back, his back was facing me, I realized he was masturbating. He was making alot of noise too, not moaning, but a 'squeash-squeash' sound. I thought is that the condom because it sounds like alot for it to be pre-cum. As I listen and watch, I begin to get aroused. I'm not sure why, maybe because I get aroused at the thought of anything sexual. Well, every so often he turns around to make sure I am still asleep. He thinks I am, but I am not.

Well, before I went to sleep I put my T.V. on Sleep so that it could turn off after two and a half hours, so as he was jerking off, it turned off. He turned around and stopped jerking off. He then turned the t.v. back on and continued jerking off. I'm guessing he didn't want anyone to hear the noise. Well, he went at it for like two to three hours, hours in which I made believe I was sleeping. I was aroused to a certain point the entire time. Then came the time for him to ejaculate. Thats when I decided to expose my penis through my boxer.

I layed on my bed with legs stretched, with my penis out as if I had morning wood. When he got up, he looked at me, I was still 'sleeping' and came and touched my penis. I began to feel weird and more aroused. My penis was already wet with precum. ALOT!!! and then he starts like pinching my penis, I think to bother me so I decided to 'wake up'. I did and he asked why I was wet, and say I didn't know.

Later on I told him that I knew that he was jerking off the entire time, but he denied it with a smirk on his face. He knows I know. Later on I went home and finished myself off thinking about what had happened in my room.



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