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Finally With My Best Friend

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I have always been curious about other guys and always wished that something would happen. Although I never thought it ever would, especially with my best friend. He is very much a guy guy, a very masculine bloke and the last person I ever thought would do anything like this. We had a few experiences together, but it all started one day when we were both sixteen. I was at Addam's house one day and it all started when we were arguing over the size of our dicks. We had never seen each other naked before and believe it or not we were actually arguing over who was smaller, I said it was me and Addam said he was smaller. So of course I said for him to prove it which I didn't think in my wildest dreams that he would actually say yes. Well, he didn't actually say yes but he did say that he would if I went first. At this point I was hard as a rock and stood at full attention. I said to wait a little while as I was hard and needed to go down. I thought he would freak at this point and call the whole thing off but to my surprise he said me too and went to find a ruler. I couldn't believe all this was happening, I had been hoping for something like this for ages but I never thought it would happen with him.

So when I finally went down I said I was ready and nervously pulled down my pants and said 'I told you so I'm heaps smaller'. He laughed and said no way I'm way smaller. So he ripped of his pants and revealed his beautiful cock and chuckled out a 'see you beat me I'm way smaller'. I don't know why we were arguing over who was smaller, I know its usually the other way around but I didn't care. I was just so excited all this was happening, anyway it turned out that we were both around four inches but he was a little bit bigger, not by much but just enough so you could notice. After we had finally finished measuring each other and I touched his penis a few times just so I could double check he measure right, but of course I just wanted to touch him, to my surprise he pulled out his laptop and started looking up some porn sites.

After a while of looking at a few different sites he dropped a few subtle hints that he was gonna jack off once his parents left in a half hour or so. Now I was even more shocked, I mean it was one thing that he showed me his dick but it was another thing all together that he was gonna masturbate in front of me. I really couldn't believe this was happening but god was I happy. So for the next half hour of watching porn I kept bringing it up, 'You know I'm gonna whack one out when your parents leave right?' I just didn't want him to back out, so I guess I was trying to keep the idea in his head and make sure this was actually going to happen.

Anyway his parents finally left and our pants couldn't have come off faster. Like I said we were both four inches, he had a big bush of black hair just above his thick cock, he is lean and muscular and pretty good looking. I had shaved my pubes and my balls, I'm a red head but I don't like any hair on my penis at all. He started stroking his dick nice and slow and I took ahold of my rock hard member and followed. He usually jacks off in the shower so he was stood up watching what was playing on his laptop, and I was laying on his bed watching him. He must have noticed that I was watching him more than the computer but I really didn't care it was my dream come true, plus I think he liked having someone watch him anyway.

He was stroking slow with his full fist, and I was going at it with just my finger and thumb. I couldn't use my fist at this point, Addam did show me how on a different occasion but that's a different story. I told him I wasn't going to last much longer, I was so hot after all this but he just told me to go for it. I came the hardest I ever had and shot come everywhere, it was the best orgasm I had ever had and the most cum I had ever shot. I just lay still watching Addam going for it.

Eventually I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I was still trying to watch him from the doorway as he had his whole hand wrapped around his dick stroking at a nice pace, he was getting faster and faster and I could tell he was near. I was stood still naked massaging my balls still in heaven when he shot a huge load all over his floor and collapsed onto his bed. We lay naked for a while and I think he fell asleep for a little while as I just lay and watched his penis slowly shrink with cum dripping from his tip. We stayed naked and lay together for a while, and we got off three more times before his parents got home.

We had a few more experiences over the next couple of years. Addam shocked me every time we did something together. I might write about some of our other experiences later on. This was the first time I have posted on this site, I know it was probably a bit long and not to the point but it just felt great to share my story.



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