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Finally With My Best Friend

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This took place last summer, while my best friend and I were on a school trip together in Spain. We had been best friends for two years, and even though we're both straight, there had always been this sort of sexual tension between us. It was obvious that we could both feel it, but we never really spoke about it, although it sometimes seemed as if we were making very subtle passes at or suggestions to each other. Nothing ever happened though, until this trip.

After a day of sightseeing, we returned to the home of the host family we were staying with. They were already asleep, so we both took showers and prepared to hit the hay, as we had to get up early in the morning. We were both in boxers and a t-shirt, talking before going to sleep, and we both laughed at something as he looked over at me from his bed and smiled. He then got up and came over to my bed and kneeled over me. He then took his shirt off and said, 'I think it's time.' I couldn't believe this was happening! He then pushed my shirt up slightly and start rubbing and kissing my abs. I responded by pulling my shirt all of the way off, and then he laid down completely on top of me as he rubbed and kissed my chest. I started rubbing his back and continued down, pushing his boxers down slightly as I felt his ass.

He took this as a signal, and stood up. I knew what he was doing because I know him so well, so I stood up at the same time. We then both took our boxers off and stood naked in front of each other for the first time. We were both rock hard with seven and a half inch erections. I think he expected me to go for his cock first, but I didn't. I stepped forward and started rubbing and kissing his chest, as I had wanted to do that for so long. As I did so, our cocks touched, which was an amazing feeling. We sank down onto the bed like this, with me on top of him, still rubbing and kissing his chest. I said, 'Do you know how long I've waited to feel my body next to your's like this?' He said, 'Probably as long as I've waited to feel mine next to your's.' I looked up at him and he smiled, and this really got me going. I continued down and took his cock in my hand and slowly jacked him off. He came in ropes, and I licked up most of his load. I worked my way back up his body, rubbing and sucking on his upper torso as before. Finally, as I rubbed his chest, I kissed him, and we started making out. He then rolled over on top of me and repeated what I had done, caressing and sucking on my chest and nipples, working his way down to my throbbing cock. He jacked me like there was no tomorrow and I shot about five good streams of cum, which he licked up. He made his way back up my body, and we made out some more. He then smiled and said, 'Well, it's been fun, but I guess I should get back to my bed so we can get some sleep and get up early in the morning.' I said, 'Wait, we can both sleep in this bed and just spoon the rest of the night.' He smiled and said, 'Ok.' So we slept that way the rest of the night with my arms around him.

More later, on what happened in the morning.



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