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Finally It Happens!

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Back when I was younger, around 12 or so, I had one friend who was not afraid to talk about anything, and he also wasn't shy when it came to exploration. We did the things many kids do, watched porn, jerked off, etc... until one day when everything changed. One day when I was at his house, we were about to have a typical session, when all of a sudden he clammed up, and from then on everything was different. We didn't stay friends much longer after that either.

Losing my best friend and jerk off parter really scarred me, and to this day I still think about our sessions to get me off from time to time.

Essentially I went the past 8 years without a jerk off buddy, but I have continued to long for one; it's strange really, I mean, I've had plenty of girl friends throughout my teens, but I've always had a longing to have someone to jerk off with. It's like there was a void left when I lost my friend.

Now I'm at college, and just this semester I picked up a new roommate, and while I've thought about him filling that niche, I never EVER thought it could actually happen...but it did! Just tonight, not 2 hours ago, we were goofing around, watching TV, when for whatever reason I started looking through porn on my computer, he saw, and came over and started watching as well. Before long he had his laptop and was surfing through sites also. It was pretty obvious we were both getting pretty aroused, but again, I never thought either of us would be bold enough to act.

After about 45 minutes, I worked up the courage to say something like, 'you know, if you weren't here, I'd probably be doing something else...' That evolved into him saying 'well, I don't care, do whatever you gotta do'. I couldn't believe it, his tone gave it all away, he knew what I wanted, and I knew he was okay with it also. We sat there awhile, and then finally I said 'you're going to make me make the move aren't you?', to which he responded, 'yea, pretty much.' Eventually we counted down from 3 and dropped our shorts, Revealing our 6.5 inch cocks. Now, I've seen a lot of penises through the years, mainly online in videos, and a few in the gym, etc, but never have I seen one that was essentially -IDENTICAL- to my own. Size, shape, EVERYTHING, it was so weird and cool all at the same time!

We were sitting about 3 feet apart, but I could see him slowly begin stroking it. I took off my shirt, and started working the ozzing pre-cum up and down my penis. We had been watching the video for awhile now, so it didn't take me long to start getting that feeling inside, I did my best to edge for as long as I could, but before long I lost control and shot all over my chest.

My friend looked over and smiled, he then took off his shirt revealing his six-pack abs and started beating a little harder, he began bucking his hips and within moments he was shooting onto his abs.

We sat there for a minute looking at each other, not saying much of anything. I'm not really sure what will happen between the two of us, we're obviously living together for another 5 months, so I can only assume this will happen again. I felt a bit guilty afterwards, but then again, FINALLY, a void in my life of nearly 8 years has been filled.

I suppose my original problem was the abruptness with which my friendship ended; it caused me emotional problems that have been with me 8 years, but now finally I can feel like that session gone wrong is finally finished and over!

We'll see what happens tomorrow!



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