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Finally! He Jerked Off for Me

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This is dedicated to all the women who read this site and get off on watching men masturbate.


I wrote into this site a couple of months ago with my experiences in Mr. Happy. I already told you guys about how hot it makes me to think of men masturbating (and masturbate myself), and how my boyfriend and I have a great sex life, but he is not really into the whole masturbation scene.
Well yesterday we were watching Sunday football at his house. We had the place to ourselves, and my man was in an extremely randy mood. Off and on all day he had wanted to make love. We were lying around on the couch half-undressed and fooling around with the living room window half open - anyone could see in and see the bottom half of our bodies. The idea of someone walking by and catching a view of my hand stroking my man's hard penis turned me on, but he was rather uncomfortable with it and requested that I closed the blinds. I got up and as I adjusted the window, took off my jeans and moved my slightly fat ass around, which he loves. I looked back and his eyes were completely glued on my ass and he was stroking himself - i don't even think he realized he was doing it.
When I got back to the couch he more or less attacked me. He wanted me to sit on his face while he lay on the couch. I complied, sitting on his chest with my legs on either side of his head and my moist pussy resting against his lips. He closed his eyes and licked and kissed my petals. I reached on of my arms back and started stoking his cock, but it was kind of an awkward position and I couldn't keep it up for very long as I was losing my balance. I had gotten quite a few strokes in though, and he was very excited.
At this point I decided to just sit comfortably and focus on his beautiful oral manipulations of my pussy. He loves eating me so much I didn't think he would mind if I stopped stroking him. I was wrong, though, and he started stroking himself a little. I encouraged him. It was such a beautiful, natural sight. His hand just fit around his cock perfectly. I was so turned on! However, he stopped and urged me to finish the job. I smiled sweetly and begged him to please finish himself off for me, insisting that it would turn me on so much. Please do it for me, I asked. Well that got him. As much as he thinks masturbating for me is silly, he's a very generous lover and I think he could tell how genuine my desire was to watch him make himself cum.
I wasn't sure he would be able to cum, though, because he's kind of shy about being watched. So as much as I wanted to watch his beautiful facial expressions as he enjoyed himself, I pretended to focus mostly on his cock, sneaking glances at his face occasionally. His eyes were closed and he had a look of bliss on his face as he continued to taste my very wet pussy.
I can hardly describe how excited I was. The sight of his athletic body stretched out on the couch, my own smooth lower half exposed, his tongue and lips careening gently across my clit and petals, and best of all his hand pumping his cock. I could hardly believe i was watching him beat off for me! Needless to say, I came within a couple of minutes, twitching and moaning. About a minute later, I watched with absolute rapt attention as he moaned, increased the pace of his stroking, and erupted over his hand, stomach, and the couch.
As we calmed down, I thanked him for fulfilling my fantasy of watching him beat off for me. He said that was the last time it would happen because it's 'a waste of an orgasm.' I guess he just honestly is not into it. That's cool, we all have our personal preferences. But I suspect that he'll be willing to do it again some time for my pleasure. I really wish he had the desire to watch ME masturbate....maybe that will come later.
At any rate, I'm very pleased, and will enjoy many solo orgasms in the future thinking of my man cumming from the natural pleasure of his own hand! Keep masturbating everyone!



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