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Finally got to with my Best Friend

Posted by: Author: Age: 14 at the time Posted on: 6 comments
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Took me a while, but I finally got to see my best friend in his sharpest birthday suit.


I had been going to sleep away camp for years and had this best friend who was so almost a brother to me. We would frequently talk about masturbation and dicks, but nothing happened. My friend, lets call him Mike was about 5'8" short brown curly hair and had full armpit hair, lots of pubes and a very nice sized dick. I'm also about 5'8" short black hair and about a 6 inch dick when hard, im also kinda hairy.

So the summer before this happened, we were sitting in the bunk on his bed in nothing but out underwear. I like my boxer briefs, he wears boxers. He was sitting with one knee half up and the other leg folded in. This was my first exposure to his perfect body. We were talking about how we had seen our dads penises when we were younger and he said he had seen it more recently and that he and his dad have the same size. The way he was sitting, I was able to see a good part of his dick. He had a nice red head and I could see a little more up his boxers. This made me start to get hard, being so close he was like "woah dude, looks like you're happy." I just disregarded this and we moved on. Nothing more happened this summer besides a few dick slips and the occasional peek during the shower.

It was about February of the following calendar year following that summer. We were messaging about our genitals somehow. We told each other how big we were and how much pubic hair we have. We then talked about jacking off, how we did it and how often. We then talked about jacking off in front of each other and whether or not we would. Low and behold, that Spring Break we had a sleepover where we had some fun stuff planned.

Most of the night was pretty normal, it wasn't until 3 in the morning where the fun really started to happen. We decided we would start by just stripping down into underwear, this time we were both wearing boxer briefs. We sat on the bed opposite each other and rubbed a little on the outside and then stuck our hands up each others underwear to feel for the treasure. I started to get really hard from him touching me and he was too, his dick was outstanding. When we were hard, we ditched the underwear, leaving the two of us naked, together, for the first time. I took a good look at him(we are both circumcised). Hairy pits, a trail of hair running from his belly button to his penis, he had a nice bush surrounding his dick and his balls were big too. We asked each other what we would do next, we decided to dry hump each other. He went first, I laid on my back with my legs a little bit apart and he straddled me and placed his dick next to mine and started thrusting on my stomach. I then returned the favor.

We were both so horny, we sat next to each other and jacked each other off. My friend told me that he heard it feels good to have their balls licked, so we took turns licking each others nut sack. Let me tell you, it feels amazing.

Of course, as any two horny 14 year olds, we wanted to know what it felt like to get and give a blow job. First we took turns laying on our back and having the other one suck, then we just decided to get into 69 position for a few minutes. After we were satisfied we jacked each other until we came. It was a hot night that I'll never forget. That following summer, he moved away to another state. I hope you enjoyed this, it certainly made me hard thinking about it again.



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