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Finally Educated

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I was brought up in a broken home. I was raised by my very strict father. I was afraid of him. I loved him, but I was afraid. He never harmed me. In fact he never even so much as 'shook' me. I was actually a very shy girl and never ever gave him any problems-and I got almost straight A grades. He was just a forceful man. I never heard the 'facts of life.' I was Catholic and at age 17 1/2 I was sent to a Catholic college in the mid west. I was training to be a college teacher in Home Economics-I needed five and a half years. I had my own dorm-it was small-a bed-a chair-a desk-and the bathroom was behind a screen in the little room. After the almost six years I got a job-not in a Catholic college, but a public two year college. This was almost 2 years ago. I was given the job of monitoring the young ladies restroom just once a day-we all took turns.

One day as I walked by, I heard low giggles. I carefully walked into the room. It was during class time and it was supposed to be empty-except I heard noises in one of the stalls. I carefully stepped up on the adjacent stool and peeked over. There was one young lady sticking a long soft plastic object into the other girl. They looked to be about the same age as me-around 24 or maybe even 25?? The first girl was bent over and hanging onto the handicap bar. I was enthralled. I had never even thought of such a thing. She told the other girl to go faster. And then she moaned and groaned. At first I thought she was in pain, then I got a look at her face and closed eyes. They stopped and I ducked-soon I heard other noises. I looked again-the second young lady was bent over the handicap bar and the other girl was using the plastic penis on her. (I had seen a photo of a penis and when she took it out, I recognized it for what it was supposed to be). She also moaned and cried in delight like the first student. I noticed her hand-she had a wedding ring on. I was really wondering-why would a married woman be doing this?

I crept away and went back to teach my last class-a home economics class. My mind was not on the class and I kept making mistakes. Finally I released the students early and drove quickly to my small studio apartment.

I tripped the deadbolt on the door and stripped off my clothes and lay on my bed naked. I imagined I was one of the young ladies.

I stroked myself wishing I had a plastic penis. I had never masturbated before. I had read scientific papers on it, but they were very dry reading and I did not get it! Anyway as I rubbed and probed; my organ seemed to be tender. I got up and found some bath oil, I smeared some of that on my hands-what a difference. I kept moving and moving my hands-remembering the girls and their moans. I started moaning myself. And then I exploded. For the first time in my life I exploded. I couldn't understand what had happened. I still felt funny and weird down 'there.' My legs and stomach were covered in 'goose pimples.' I found myself stroking it again and then for some reason I put two fingers in-that was it- WOW! Almost passed out. I did see stars when I opened my eyes.

Now I masturbate twice and sometimes three times a week. I went on the internet and learned all about it. I sent off to a mail order house and I have a plastic penis. One thing I goofed on at first-not really understanding-I took away my own virginity. Dumb! I could have used what they call a pocket rocket-I found that out later.

Anyway, I have not slept with a man-yet. The plastic penis is only a 5' and not very big around. I was thinking of ordering one supposedly from a mould of John Holmes-however I found a photo of him on the net-I'm not ready for that yet.



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