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So ever since I started reading stories on Solo Touch, I've always wanted to have a mutual jackoff session with another guy. I would have awesome jack off sessions reading the mm stories on here, and I couldn't wait until I would finally be able to write one of those stories. I never really found a friend in high school that I was close enought to, so I just decided to wait until I came to college...which was the right decision.

So I met this guy, we'll call him D. So me and D started texting each other and I found out he was bi so I figured this would be my perfect chance. So one night we were texting and he asked me if I wanted to go over and chill at his apartment that weekend, and of course, I said yes. So he picked me up from my dorm and we headed off, just talking about stupid stuff like normal guys would. So we finally got to his apartment and I sat on his couch and he sat on a stool and we started talking again. After a while he suggested that we watch a movie, so I agreed.

After he put it in, he sat next to me. The movie started and he had put in a porno! I had no idea but wasn't about to say anything. He asked if this was ok and I said 'Oh yeah, haha'. He said ok. Since he made that first move, I decided to make the next. Slowly I decided to undo my belt and unbutton and unzip my jeans. I felt like he started looking at me and so I just went for it and pulled my jeans off. I was wearing my black boxer briefs so I just started playing with my growing dick through them. He follwed suit and pulled off his basketball shorts. He made the next move and started feeling my hardening dick and balls through my underwear. That was the first time anyone besides myself had touched me, and it felt incredible. I had asked him earlier in our conversations if he was cut/uncut. He had told be cut so that intruigued me even more, since I was uncut.

So after he had finished fondling me, I went to his cock and whispered in his ear 'So can I see what an cut cock looks like?' He just laughed and slowly pulled down his underwear. I just looked at it, not wanting to be too forceful. I figured I owed him the same view so I pulled down my underwear for him to see my six incher. I was a little longer than him, but he was thicker than me. So after I gave myself a couple of strokes, he reached over and took my hand's place. I only managed a subtle gasp and closed my eyes, enjoying the incredible feeling. After a few minutes I became bold and went for his rock hard cock. It felt so different to hold a cut dick in my hand, but glorious at the same time. I started handling his balls with the other hand, pulling them away from his body and rubbing them, feeling his pubes in my fingers. I let go and he did the same to me. I put my hands behind my head and enjoyed the sensations of my first handjob again.

After about five minutes he let go and it became my turn again. So I reached over and started stroking him again. I started going faster and holding his dick with a tighter grip and saw his balls tighten up and felt the ever familiar hardening of a cock. He started breathing heavily and managed a 'I'm gonna cum...' I just kept stroking and soon out cam three or four spurts of cum from his dick. I wiped a little of his cum on my hand and started stroking myself with his cum, one of my biggest fantasies. I started stroking myself faster and faster and started feeling my balls tighten and that feeling every guy loves: the pressure building in my cock. I almost yelled out 'I'm gonna cum!!' and let out four or five jets of cum, one of them even reaching my head! It was one of the greatest cum shots of my life. We both cleaned up and he took me back to my dorm since I had to wake up early for a test the next morning.

We might be getting together again this weekend. Hopefully we can try this again.

Hope you enjoyed the story! Now I have to go jack off my hard dick. Happy jacking!!



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