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Read linked story first, or second. But at least read it.


I love Solo Touch. I get off to the awesome stories and have a grand old time. I've never contributed before but this is essentially a landmark for me so I'd say its worth it now.

The males of my family have Peyronies disease. It's a medical condition where either due to scarring or genetics the male penis 'lists' to the side when fully erect. Its known to not be a major problem and still allowing healthy sexual activity i.e. my father had all three of us kids. For a long time though I did not know this ran in the family and I thought it was from injuries sustained from years of martial arts. I was relieved to find out that I'm NOT sexually crippled, but all the times I've tried rolling back my foreskin it felt sensitive. Overly so to where the pain of a rolled back erection was excruciating. Like it was being pinched by a pair of long finger nails every time it raised its head a little.

I decided that if I ever wanted to get past this inhabitation I would either need to get circumcised or just build up a pain tolerance.

For a year now I've mostly tried going about my day with it rolled back. The sensitivity though of it rubbing against my boxers still hurt too much. My little Prince of Persia could only take it for so long. I still worked on building up my resistance and it all finally paid off today.

I was on ST reading stories (lastly the linked one above) with my skin rolled back and pulsing under my shorts. The whole time it hurt but it was bareable enough to keep going. I would smother my pants lightly with a pillow and had to readjust a lot so my cock had room to grow instead of pushing to hard against my pants. I finished the read and decided to let it burst. So I got up to go to the bathroom when as I was leaving I spotted my brothers boomerang. It had never been opened from the case in the four years he's had it so I thought 'what the hell' and grabbed it. I didn't want to just 'pound it out' so instead I stripped down to my boxers and stood looking in the mirror as I ran the Australian wood up and around my shaft. I did it all very lightly as the resistance of the cotton and the strokes of the stick was enough to titillate just within the painful range. I peeked inside the shorts and saw that my head seemed discoloured red and slightly black-and-blue. I thought about stopping but figured I'd go a bit more.

So I sat on the toilet lid and spread my legs wider, gripping the pikeshaft and flirting around my crotch with the boomerang, all the while I was breathing heavy and constructing faces of ecstacy and pain for no one to see. I was at that point where no matter what you can't go back but it felt like a cruise ship was slowly running over my cock. I gritted my teeth hard, held fast to my penis, bucked on the seat annnnnnnnnd......

Came for the first time with my skin rolled back. And man I came. It was hard and long and glorious. I was really happy. Still am, especially since I just had to break up with my girlfriend as of one year and have been sour all week long. But now I'm better because at least I know I can have sex sometime in my life. I'm proud of myself and prince now too. Thanks for reading!



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