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Final Year at Summer Camp

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This story goes back to 1975 and is one of my best memories.


Every summer for about five years I went to summer camp. It was a great place to learn all sorts of skills: water skiing, canoeing, sailing, archery, horseback riding-those sorts of things. I was 15 years old my last summer there, and that was the age limit. Because I really loved the place, I had persuaded my parents to let me stay for two two-week sessions instead of the usual one. I wanted to make the most of my last time there. All of the campers went home at the end of the first two weeks. The next session wouldn't begin until the next day, and the camp director let me stay there instead of making me go home between the two sessions. It happened that another 15 year old camper, Joe, was doing the same thing. It was his last year and he was also going to stay for two sessions that summer. I had known him but not very well. He was on another team and in another cabin. So since we were the only two campers staying there the extra day (except for the staff who were going to be busy setting up for the new group coming in) we decided to spend our time together. The camp director trusted us to do pretty much anything we wanted, he just told us to be safe and not get into trouble. We swam, we took out canoes, and helped the stable counselor to feed the horses.

About the middle of the day, I realized that Joe was a pretty cool guy and we had a lot in common. We were both somewhat tall for our age, and we probably seemed a bit out-of-place with the other campers. But we didn't care, we just had so much fun there every summer. I had intended to stay in the cabin I always stayed in, but I decided to change cabins and be in the same one with Joe. He thought it was a great idea and he was glad we got to know each other too. It would make the next two weeks even better.

So we went over to my cabin, packed up all my stuff, and brought it over to the cabin Joe had been staying in. He said the counselors in that cabin were real nice and had also let him help out with the younger kids. They had treated him almost like another counselor.

The counselors who were in charge of that cabin happened to be away for that day. They drove the bus with all the kids back up to the city, and they would stay there overnight and come back the next day with the new kids.

When the day was over and it was dark, Joe and I headed to the shower room before going to bed. In the cabin, we had stripped down to our briefs, put a towel around our waists, sneakers on our feet, and headed to the shower room a couple hundred feet away. The only other people around our area of the camp were the neighboring cabins' counselors, but the counselors had their own bathroom and shower. We had to use the campers' shower.

We turned on the lights and the water and waited for the water to get warm. I took my sneakers off, put my towel on the hook, and pulled down my briefs. Joe did the same. There wasn't any way were were gonna NOT see each other, so I guess we weren't embarrassed about checking out each other's stuff. Joe was taller and huskier than me, and I suddenly realized he had a great well-toned body. Not to mention he had a very nice dick. Not to brag, but I was always sort of proud of mine. It had a good length, both soft and hard, and was a little bigger than most guys my age, judging from what I'd seen in our school showers. I knew that my dick size also fascinated a lot of the littler kids in our cabin. I could see them stare, whisper to other kids and point. I pretended not to notice and I probably stayed naked a little longer in the mornings and the night times so they could get a good look at it. Now, seeing Joe's for the first time, I saw that I wasn't the only one that the kids probably stared at and pointed out to others.

I looked at Joe standing there and I said to him, 'I see we are both well equipped!' and he laughed. He asked me if I ever caught the smaller kids staring at my dick and I said 'yeah' and he said they watched him too. Then he said, 'It'll be nice having another guy around with a decent-sized dick. It'll be a lot better than to have to look at all those 'little hairless things' running around the cabin!' And we both laughed out loud at that.

As we were showering Joe asked me, 'I'm sure with a tool like that, you find yourself jacking off quite a lot, like me.' I smiled and said, 'Oh yeah!' He asked me if I had done it while we were at camp during the last two weeks. I said I had done it a few times in the bathroom stalls but nowhere nearly as often as I would have if I had been home. He said the same was true for him, and that he avoided doing it at night in bed because he was afraid some kid would turn on a flashlight and catch him, or would hear him, or the kid on the top bunk would ask why the bed was shaking! We laughed again and I said I had exactly the same fears. I knew that just waking up in the morning with a raging hardon in my briefs caused a few stares from the kids anyway. I couldn't imagine what a stir getting caught jacking off would have caused in the cabin.

Then Joe said, 'Since there's no one else in the cabin tonight, we can take care of ourselves together and not have to worry about getting caught.' I think I flashed a great big grin and said, 'Heck yeah!' The thought of it started to make me get a little hard and so I turned away from Joe while I continued showering. Suddenly, Joe soaped up his hands and started rubbing my back. He said, 'I'll do your back and you can do mine.' 'O .. O ... Okay' I said, a little startled. My thoughts and Joe's soapy hands on my back were just a little too much and 'Junior' really started to spring up. I said to Joe, 'This feels good, but maybe too good, cause I'm getting hard.' He took my shoulders and turned me around and I saw that he was rock hard as well. We looked at each other's and he was just smiling and said, 'Me too.' He took his soapy hand and wrapped it around my hardon and started stroking me. I said, 'That feels great!' and soaped up my hand and started stroking his. We did that to each other for a couple minutes and suddenly I knew I was going to cum. It shot up between us and spurted all over Joe, me, and the floor. I kept stoking him and then he let off too, all over the two of us and the floor. Joe smiled and said, 'I guess we don't have to wait to do it to ourselves later.' I laughed and watched as our cum washed down the drain together.

We finished the shower and headed back to the cabin. While we were drying off I said to Joe, 'You know, I wouldn't mind if we did that again to each other after we go to bed.' He said, 'I was thining the same thing and I'm so glad you said that. I was scared to say something, but I really want to.' So we pushed our two bunks together and shared quite a night! It wasn't just once that we did it again, it was three. What an awesome night that was!

The new campers arrived the next day and Joe and I never had a chance to do that again. I'll always remember that last session at summer camp-not just because it was the 'last', but because of Joe and that 'first' time I ever jacked with another guy.

I think of you often, Joe. I hope you're having a good life.



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