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File Room Tryst

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The company I work for is in an older building, and has a legal requirement to maintain files for a long time. This means the building has a tremendous amount of file and storage rooms which are seldom, if ever, visited by the staff. A couple of years ago, a female colleague and I began to have more and more flirtatious conversations throughout the course of our workday. She is blessed with short blonde hair, tanned, attractive, and a wicked sense of humor. After a particularly intense conversation in her cube, during which she leaned back in her chair to press her back against my very-hard cock, she stood up, and told me to wait a minute then follow her. Since the cubicles are in an open space, I could see her disappear down one of the corridors that lead to some of the file and store rooms.

Well, I managed to walk across the floor with what felt like a huge erection, without attracting attention, and saw her pause at one door, smile at me, and walked into the file room. I slipped in, to see her grinning at me, and she crooked one finger in a 'come here' gesture. We wound around several large file shelves to the back of the room, and she suddenly turned around, pushing me against one shelf. She'd worn a light colored summer skirt, and a peasant blouse, both of which showed off her tanned skin well. I reached for my belt, and in a flash my dress trousers were in a puddle around my ankles. She grinned again, licked herl lips, and slid her hand into my boxer-briefs, tugging my throbbing cock free. With an impish grin, she slid to her knees, placed my hand over hers, and whispered for me to stroke, too. Her eyes were huge as she watched my hand move up and down the shaft, her hand over mine lightly. She then slipped the blouse off her shoulders, showing me that she definitely didn't have any tanlines across her breasts.

With her eyes locked on mine, our hands began to pump my cock faster and harder. I could feel a drop of precum ooze out, and she leaned forward so it dripped onto her chest. She glanced down, and whispered that it looked good there, and all of a sudden I felt that tightening in my balls. My hips started thrusting almost out of control, and she tightened her hand over mine, licked her lips wetly, and told me to give it to her, all over her.

With one last pump of my hips and our hands, I came hard. Hard enough that she shhh'ed me, but I couldn't help it. Spurt after glorious spurt of my cum landed on that warm tanned skin. After the last ebb faded away, I leaned back against the shelf, and she held my cock in her hand for a moment, then gently eased it back into my boxer-briefs.

Amazingly, she stood, pulled her blouse back up, gave me a very saucy wink, and said 'Thanks. That was hot.' And left me in the file room to compose myself.



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