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Figured I Had Nothing To Lose

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Was bored, lonely and horny that night.


Back around 27 years ago I was in another city for a week of training that my job required. I'd been there around 4 days living in a small motel. On this evening being I had been without a woman (wife) for all this time I was sure feeling it. Bored to death, lonely and oh so horny! I was setting there in front of the TV moving my legs back and forth and rubbing my cock thru my pants thinking how good it would be to be with a woman and have this thing taken care of. I was sporting a full hardon at the time.

I remembered seeing the massage houses outside of town as I was driving to the town and from what I'd ever heard about these places they offered more than just a massage. I figured this was the case as these places were all outside the city limits and looked a bit sneezy looking. This just added to the excitment of going to try one out and I finally decited to go telling myself I've got nothing to lose. I had expense money plus some of my own so felt I was covered. Away I went to choose one and try it out.

I headed out of the city and took the exit when I saw there signs out front. There was three of them and I picked one that had only one car out front and in I went. Inside I was met by an Asian lady that I think was Korean. She was a pretty woman probably around 30 years old and was wearing a tight fitting blouse showing lots of nice tit and a mini skirt showing her beautiful legs. She was very nice with a nice greeting smile. I told her I'd never been to a massage parlor place and she told me the price and that I'd really enjoy it. Back then a 30 minute massage was $30 up front. I gave her the money and she led me back to a dimly lit room with a 'table' in the middle. She said to take off my clothes and she'd be right back. I took them off and laid down face down. Soon she came into the room but this time completely naked! I saw this and said 'Oh my gosh!'. She said 'you like?'. I told her did I ever and that I'd been away from my wife almost a week. She replied 'Oh: makes you real horny'. She went to work starting on my legs. She worked her way up and worked on my arms and back and finally on my butt. She then reached under between my legs touching my sack. I raised my hips a little and she reached futher under and rubbed my shaft real lightly.

The moment was so exciting and naughty feeling to me. Here I was laying naked in front of a beautiful strange naked woman and she was touching this thing that had always been reserved for my wife only. What a feeling it was. I then told her that I needed to turn over. She said OK. She then went to working on my front side. When she got up to my chest I was laying there looking at her body and dying to get my hands on her and her soft female flesh so I asked her if I could touch. She answered yes; all but here pointing at her pussy. She said 'this cost you extra'. I told her 'this would be just fine' feeling her ass. I rubbed her ass then around to her thighs awhile and then went up feeling her tits. She felt wonderful and it just made me get that much more horny. She then finally poured some oil on my ready to explode cock and wrapped her hand around it. I asked her to go slow so I could enjoy this longer. She said 'OK, what you like'. She was good! She slowly and gently stroked my cock and it was driving me wild. All the while I was running my hand all over her soft body. When I couldn't take it anymore I told her 'make me cum now'. She increased her grip a little and speeded up her strokes. I stiffened up and with a loud AAAHHHH I went off. I don't think I'd come this hard in years. Cum shot up almost to my face followed by the next squirt hitting my chest and finally on my belly. She then said 'you have lots of cum'. Looking down did I ever!

This was my first visit to one of these places but it wasn't my last. Being married I've always kept these visits to strickly hand jobs and believe me, this is fine with me.



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