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Fifth Time is the Charm

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Fifth Time is the Charm
For a really fantastic masturbation session, do this. Make sure you have plenty of time.....at least one to one and a half hours and that you will not be disturbed during this time. If you have a masturbation partner(s), that is fine. Just make sure you will not be disturbed by anyone that would spoil this experience.
I masturbate a couple of times quickly just because I can. The 3rd, 4th and 5th time get harder to do so I put my VCR and TV to work watching my favorite porno films. By doing this the 3rd orgasm is not too hard to achieve and I began to run out of fluids. The 4th orgasm really takes some work and there is a very small amount of fluid lika a drop or two. The 5th orgasm is very difficult and usually yields no fluid at all. I sometimes could do the 5 orgasms within an hour. Sometimes it would take longer.
However the last one with no orgasmic fluids is the best. It is usually very violent and last longer than the others. It feels much better if you can get there. I almost had the 6th one one time but never quite got there because my penis was getting rather sore but I am sure that if I could have achieved it, it would have been powerful. Also, I developed a severe headache on that 6th attempt.
I discovered this method when I was in my early 40's and now being in my mid 50's it is hard to get past the 3rd one even though I still try sometimes. When I was in my 20's, I could masturbate without even touching my penis. I would sit in a chair, slump down in it and stare at my penis with all kind of sexy, kinky things going through my mind. It would get stiff quickly and with mind control I could get it throbbing and jerking on its own in a ryhthmic fashion until it would spurt those tasty juices. I cannot do this anymore. Age finally got to me. Since I have a fenced back yard, I often would (and still do) go out totally naked to masturbate. When in my 20's and up into my 30's, I could get on all fours, get an instant erection and just thrust back and forth and the momentum of the thrusting would make my penis and balls go in all directions causing fantastic orgasms without ever touching it with my hands. These days are gone too and boy do I miss them but the memories are and always will be with me.
I have better orgasms all by myself than I have ever had with any woman. With masturbation, you are in total control both physically and mentally and control has everything to do with it. So you younger guys get with it and build some beautiful memories. My wife has caught me lots of times masturbating and she would make some sarcastic comments like, "You are going to wear that thing out," "You should have been an exhibitionist," "You should join a nudist colony," "Is jerking off all you think about," "As much as you do it at home, you must do it at work too," etc. In fact I am an exhibitionist, the hell with the nudist colony, they would kick me out. I do think about jerking off a lot and yes I do it at work almost every day in the bathroom. I don't pay much attention to her comments and jerk here at home in the living room while watching TV several nights per week. She just doesn't seem to notice anymore and that is OK with me. I also wake up during the night and do it again at least 3 or 4 times per month. I love it and will never stop. I'll do anything it takes to partake of that euphoric experience.



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