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Field Shower

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During the course of my career in the Army, I spent a considerable amount of time stationed overseas. One time as a young Non-commissioned officer (NCO) while stationed in Korea during the early-mid 1980's my unit deployed for field exercise in the northern part of South Korea, just south of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

On one particular day, as my S-4 Officer and I were out solving minor crises, we were on the road from sunrise to sunset, it had been a hot dusty day and it was still damn warm that night when we returned to our unit. We finally finished our 'run' at about 2200 in the evening. As we returned to our unit perimeter or NDP (Night time Defensive Position), I told him I would have to refuel my vehicle. As we were driving in black-out drive (no headlights, only a penlight) he had to guide me to the fuel point. As we arrived I met some of my comrades and told my S-4 to call it a night, one of the guys would help me camouflage my vehicle for the evening. My vehicle was the last in the queue behind two other vehicles. As the last vehicle left and I pulled my vehicle up, a junior soldier walked up with two five gallon fuel cans for either his truck or a generator. I knew the kid as being from the motor pool and told him to jump in front of me, as me and the POL (fuel) NCO was shooting the shit anyways.

As the kid finished, he was passing the hose back to the fuel handler, who wasn't paying attention and squeezed the handle. I happened to be right under it at the time and ended up getting doused in diesel fuel. I was pissed, but stuff like this usually happens at night, operating in the dark and I didn't want to rip two good troops a new ass. After we had finished topping off my vehicle, the fuel NCO and his handler offered to park and secure my vehicle so I could clean up and change (we shared the same tent). I took them up on the offer, grabbed my rifle and rucksack out of my vehicle and headed off to find some place to get my shit together.

By this time it was pushing 2300 and most of the activity in the perimeter was dying down, and the platoon trailer with our admin gear was about one hundred meters down from the mess trailer. As I passed the mess section, I stopped in to see if I could get a plastic bread rack and maybe some hot water from the mess sergeant. He smelt me before he saw me and not only gave me a rack to stand on, but also a five gallon water can with hot water.

As I struggled to grab all of my goods, one of the Korean 'ahjemas' (ahjema is Hangul for 'middle age or mature woman') came over and assisted me. The 'ahjemas' were older women (30s+) that pulled into our perimeter to sell cokes, noodles and usually doubled by getting rid of our trash and pulling kitchen police (KP) with the mess section. It was pretty much the end of the day for everyone, so the mess sergeant, his crew and the Korean civilians were pretty much bullshitting and eating noodles. I guess the 'ahjema' told her cohorts that she was going with me and I told the mess sergeant I would bring back his water can and rack. He said not to sweat it as we would probably be in the same position for the next few days.

So off I went stumbling around in the dark with my side kick, to seek out my trailer. The moon was coming up and after leaving the mess tent, my eyes started to regain their night vision again. As we went down to the area where the trailers were I thanked my 'ahjema' and told her she could head back, but she insisted on going with me right to the trailer. I had to get into the trailer because that was where my 'B' bag was kept that contained my extra set of combat boots. So I set down my rucksack and I found a pretty good area, well away from the trailers, near the edge of the perimeter where I figured no one would, see me or run me over. It was about another twenty five meters into the woods. I set down my gear and went back to the trailer, and I nodded my thanks to 'ahjema'. She followed me back to the trailer and watched as I fished out my boots and extra uniform. Every time I told her I had things under control, she would just nod smile and say 'O.K' and continue to follow me.

As I went back to the area where I was going to have my field expedient shower, I was getting the feeling that my 'ahjema' was going to hang tight to make sure I didn't stiff her or the mess sergeant for his goods. When I went into the little area and started to strip off my shirt, 'ahjema' stayed for a few more seconds and then headed off. I guess she had finally caught on and I figured that was it.

She came back in about five minutes, and by now I was just pulling off my second diesel soaked boot. Ahjema had come back with a plastic basin that she said I could use to help me wash. Like most women she was much more astute about these sorts of things than men. Once again I thanked her profusely and figured she would leave. She just stayed right there, as I took off my socks and trousers. She just continued to squat right in front of me and tossed my boots, socks and shirt off to the side. As I started to drop my pants, I noticed she was checking me out. She motioned for me to toss them with the rest of my pile. She then started pouring the water into the basin, as I fished through my toilet kit getting out my soap and shampoo. As I was rummaging, ahjema produced a little penlight flashlight from her pocket (she didn't have it before) and started to point it in my kit to help. After we finished getting my stuff, she 'accidentally' ran the little beam of light over me and quickly turned it off after getting a look at my hardening uncut penis.

So now I started getting down to washing off, ahjema had taken off her shoes, rolled up her pants legs and took off her top (revealing her tits) and decided she was going help me clean up. As I squatted down on the bread rack and started shampooing my hair, ahjema started pouring water over my head and helping to scrub. Luckily it was summer and still warm at night, otherwise I probably would have frozen my ass off. Next I stood up and she started soaping me down from head to toe. By the time she got down to my crotch, I had a full blown hard on. She maintained a business, like attitude and just started to wash it just as she had the rest of my body. However, when she grabbed it, she wanted to do a thorough job, so she paid extra attention under my foreskin and around the crown. She told me that I was 'big size', I said 'no' I was just average (six inches) for an American. She then giggled and held me around half way down my shaft and she said 'Korean man size'. We both got a chuckle on that one.

At that point I started rubbing her boobs, I didn't know if she was horny or just chilly, as her nipples were standing as erect as my cock. She then looked up at me, pressed a finger to her lips (like I would tell) and she bent at the waist, wrapped one arm around my waist and started to stroke my cock. I stopped her, and fished through my bag for a small bottle of baby oil I kept in there, to remove 'Cammie' paint. When I pulled it out and gave her the bottle, she knew exactly what to do.

After squeezing a liberal amount into her palm, she started by stroking my cock up and down. She kept complimenting me on how 'big size' I was, and stroking away. As she made no effort to stop me from fondling her boobs with my left hand, I then stuck my right hand in her pants and fumbled around her panties. She paused just long enough to help me pull the crotch of her panties to one side. Her pussy was sopping wet, when I got to it. I guess there was something to her remark about 'Korean size', because her pussy was tight. As I rubbed her clit, her breathing got heavy; she mumbled something and then shuddered.

By that point she had one hand pulling the skin around the base of my cock and the other was stroking for all it was worth. After about two minutes of this, I felt my knees get weak, my hips buck and I must have shot a wad and a half. I literally filled her hand; I had to stop her stroking I thought I would fall over. She then surprised the hell out of me, by getting upright and kissing me. She asked me if I felt better, and I said 'oh hell yes'. She then rubbed my shoulders and finished washing me. After rinsing I started to get my stuff back together and she took off her pants, squatted on the rack and started to clean and rinse slit. This time I took the flashlight for a better look. She just giggled and told me to put it back. I then got down beside her and started returning the favor, she held on to my shoulders as, I rubbed and fingered her senseless. She was humping my hand so hard; she actually heard my knuckle pop. When she was finished, I let her use my towel and she noticed, that my cock was once again at the position of attention.

This time she let me sit down on the rack as, she lubed me up again. She then whispered in my ear 'you relax, don't worry about me' She then worked my cock silly. She knew just how to grope and handle it and finally I came again. Even though I came hard, it wasn't anywhere near the size or force of that first orgasm

When we gathered everything up I helped her carry, all her goods, back to the mess tent. It was about one in the morning when we got there and all the mess section was asleep or on guard duty. Her cohorts in their two little blue lean-to had also called it a night, except for one old die hard that looked to be pushing 60. As I got ready to leave ahjema and her older friend motioned me to sit down. They had a gas lantern burning away, and my ahjema went and made us some noodles. As we sat around making small talk, the old lady and my new found friend, were whispering and giggling. The older lady spoke, much better English than my friend.

She then asked me if I had a good shower. I said it was as good as it gets. She then leaned in very close and she said she heard from Ms. Pak (my friend had a name) that I was 'big size'. She then reached down and gave my crotch a gentle squeeze. I explained once again, that 'no it was only about six inches or about 15 centimeters'.

The older lady said that her husband was big for a Korean and she said his dick was about five inches. She then told Ms. Pak to get me 'awake', so she could see what an American cock looked like. Ms. Pak, then went outside the tent to get a look and make sure the coast was clear. I then leaned back on the cot I was sitting on and started to unbutton my pants. I was freeballing so there wasn't a lot of fishing about. As soon as I had my pants open, Ms. Pak, pulled them down enough for Ms. Che the older lady to get an eyeful. They both had an animated hushed conversation, as Ms. Pak stroked me. The older, lady started fondling my balls and saying that they were also very good sized.

The older lady, Ms Che then decided she wanted to get a'grip' on things so she took over and appeared to be having a good time practicing on something that she must not have had in a while. They could both see I was pretty worked up and was going to launch another load, so Ms. Che instructed and sent Ms. Pak to get a wash cloth, as the older lady continued working me.

The older woman was smiling and complimenting me not only on my size but, my strength. 'Oh, you already come two times, now you make one more for me'. She then leaned over me, pushed down with one hand and pulled up with the other, really quick and I lost it. I came up the sleeve of her shirt and all over hand.

Whatever was in her instructions, I think the old lady said 'you had your fun let me finish this one', because she didn't reappear, until Ms. Che milked me dry again. Ms. Pak came in and wiped me down. I hung there in the tent with them for about another twenty minutes, but I was literally beat and had to get back to my section. I bid my farewells and left for the evening (morning). The next day we had to jump our position and return to garrison.



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