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Festival Fun

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I am very pleased to finally have an experience to share after getting such enjoyment reading everyone elses. And it happens to be completely true. It may go on a bit, but cut me some slack since I rarely have anything to write about.

Several weeks ago, my wife and I planned to join another couple who are close friends for a wine festival. Our friends arranged for us to spend the night in a quaint, but expensive, two bedroom suite in a romantic inn within walking distance of the festival. We arrived fairly early and spent most of the afternoon sampling, and then guzzling wine. In the evening we attended an outdoor concert and dance, and by that time, each of us were very happy.

My friend's wife is rather attractive and petite, and she and I participate in fairly heated flirting at most times, so when my wife and my friend went to get yet more wine, she took the opportunity to describe in fairly graphic detail some of the things of a sexual nature she'd like to do to me, or really more accurately, things she'd like me to do to her. Now as I said, we do flirt a lot, and this confession didn't really shock me enormously, because we were both quite happy which had loosened her tongue, and other than giving me a nice erection, I didn't place much importance on the conversation.

When the music stopped, we all went back to the inn and landed in the sitting room of our suite. We laughed and talked about the day, but when there was a lull in the conversation, my friend's wife, without warning, suddenly sat up and pulled off her top. She was not wearing a bra, so this left her naked from the waist up. After a split second of shock, we all burst out laughing. My friend made some attempt to talk her into putting it back on with a little speech about common decency, etc., but she didn't seem interested and he did not make much more of an effort. I looked at my wife, who can understandably get quite jealous during episodes like this, but she smiled back and pulled her shirt and bra up over her very big and impressive tits, and proceeded with a little show of tweaking her nipples. After she was sure everyone got a good look, she pulled her bra and shirt back down into place, but seemed quite proud of her little display.

Soon after, my friend's wife stood up and announced she was going to bed, unbuttoned and dropped her shorts and walked down the short hall to their bedroom in just her bikini panties. After discussing the events of the evening a bit further, I decided it was time for bed as well. My wife asked me to bring her some ibuprofen from the bedroom, and said she was going to stay up long enough to have a snack.

As I walked down the short hall to our bedroom, I was greeted by the view of my friend's wife leaning against the doorway of their bedroom, completely naked. The hall was in complete view of the sitting room, but she was standing back in the doorway just far enough that my friend and my wife couldn't see her. I just kept walking, but her seductive eyes followed me as I walked into our bedroom far enough I was out of sight of the sitting room, but could get a good look at her.

We were standing about five feet away from each other and the light in the hall was enough I could see her very well. She faced me and started by pulling and rubbing her nipples, and then pulled her pussy lips apart and smiled at me. I remembered my errand and found the pills and walked back towards the sitting room where my wife and friend were enjoying a snack of cheese and crackers.

As I passed her she whispered 'touch me' from the doorway and I could see her hand was between her legs, but I barely dared glance at her since I was in full view of our spouses. I was quite terrified that in her state she might do something that would get us both into lots of trouble. I delivered the pills and said good-night and tried to act nonchalant as I hurried back to the bedroom. Once back in our bedroom, I immediately pulled my stiffening cock out of my jean shorts and started stroking while I watched my friend's wife work her fingers in her slit.

She looks very good naked with perky tits and a softly athletic body. Even standing up with her legs spread a bit in what should have been an awkward position, she looked quite natural masturbating while I stared. She had two fingers of her right hand on her clit and had a good rhythm going, more for pressure than for speed. At one point she stopped to put on a little show by spreading her legs as far as she could standing, spread her hairless lips and stuck a couple of fingers up her cunt, and then moved them directly to her mouth and licked them.

She watched me intently as I jerked my now very hard cock, and I watched as she lifted her head, opened her mouth and really worked her clit through her first orgasm. I then got the finger licking show again. She did not slow down, and in just a couple of minutes I could tell she was working up to another hard cum. She shifted her technique to driving her fingers up her cunt with her thumb running up and down her clit. She looked absolutely absorbed in her task, an expert, masterly even, like some sort of wanking thoroughbred. Her orgasm hit hard and for one horrifying moment I thought she was going to fall down, but she caught herself against the open door and trembled and panted and finger-fucked herself for what seemed like a very long time.

As you might imagine, this was all too much for me. I could feel myself going over the point of no return and had a slight pang of guilt as I realized I had nothing to cum into, but it was too late... I jerked convulsively on my cock and let several spurts of cum fall to the bedroom persian-style carpet. Now, I am normally a very responsible member of society and not accustomed to going about spurting semen just anywhere, but there wasn't much I could do at this point except run my foot over it and hope that it dried without staining, and hope my dear wife wouldn't have to tread in it getting to bed. It was just a cheap carpet anyway, not a valuable antique or anything.

With my primary objective carried out, I again became conscious that my friend and my wife were still chatting a short distance away, but that eventually they would be coming to bed. My masturbation companion was still going at it and putting on quite a show. I quickly undressed down to my boxers and got into bed, where I could still observe her efforts. Very soon after, just as she had decided to try a new position, bent over with her nicely shaped ass pointed at me, I heard her husband saying good-night to my wife and footsteps approaching the short hall. I feigned sleep but kept my eyes open enough to watch the impending disaster unfold. But just in the nick of time, she leapt toward the bed out of sight, and her husband entered their bedroom and shut the door behind him. There was no shouting or other hullaballoo, so I assumed that she had gotten away with it. Great relief. My wife came to bed soon after without incident, and I drifted off musing over my adventure.

You might think that the end of my story, but the next morning I had another pleasant diversion. When I woke, I distractedly rubbed my cock while reliving the events of the night before. I then had the idea that just maybe I could get my wife interested in the idea of sex, and although she was not easy to wake, and seemed to be suffering from a light hangover, I was able to work myself into a position where I could gently rub her pussy, and got her night shirt up far enough to suck on one exposed nipple.

Slowly I worked my fingers into her slit until I could get them on either side of her clit, where I began a lazy circular motion. I could tell it was working when she sat up to pull off her shirt, and lay back down with her legs spread wide. I now started to frig her clit in earnest and occasionally worked my middle finger deep in her cunt for lubrication. This latter act was quite noisy and I thought she might stop me for fear that our friends, only a thin wall away, might hear. She is usually ultra-quiet and still if anyone is in the house when we make love, but she was panting and humping my hand in complete abandon.

It then occurred to me that maybe she was becoming aroused BECAUSE our friends might hear. As I pushed my fingers into her one more time, she said in a loud hoarse whisper 'fuck me', and once I returned my fingers to her clit, she whimpered a couple of times and started to cum. She didn't moan or scream or anything, but she thrashed in bed and panted and anyone awake in the suite would have known my wife was cumming. After she started to calm down, I got my body between her legs with the intention of fucking her, all the while jerking my cock. But in my excited state I realized I wasn't going to last long enough for it to happen. I rubbed my prick a couple of times over her swollen clit, and then we both watched while I ejaculated into her cunt hair and slit. She had the most contented smile on her face, and she made quite a pretty picture in the morning's filtered light with wild auburn hair in her eyes, hard-sucked nipples, and legs splayed wide with my glistening cum trickling into her engorged pink cunt.

OK. That's it. I hope you enjoyed, but quite frankly even if no one reads it, I enjoyed reliving it enough to justify its writing. For every girl that reads this, please take the time to describe some masturbation experience of your own, in very explicit detail. I do so very much enjoy your stories.



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