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So I was at a big music festival this weekend. I was laying down on a spread-out blanket (the festival was just a bunch of stages on a big meadow) staring straight up at the sky waiting for an act to start. I soon discovered the sky wasn't the only thing for my viewing pleasure...as women would walk by, sometimes I would get some pretty nice views up their shorts and skirts. Especially a few of them stepped over me, effectively straddling my face with their crotches and rear ends just a few feet up from my face-beautiful and yes, arousing.

Then one woman staked out the spot just behind my blanket for her chair (one of those low-to-the-ground lawn chairs people bring to concerts). This gave me a couple nice upward views as she was getting situated but, better yet, I noticed when she sat down, she had her legs spread pretty far apart and also would kind of scissor them back and forth at times. Well, with her behind me there was less crowd stepping over me, but I turned around and feasted my eyes on her crotch. She was wearing jeans shorts and sometimes when her legs really fanned out as she moved them back and forth I'd catch glimpses of green panties (maybe swimsuit bottom?) below. But even that aside, just staring at the denim covering her crotch and the added motion of the legs back and forth was enough to keep me interested. So much so I was craving some kind of genital stimulation to relieve the ache that the earlier scoping had built and now my gaze upon this woman's crotch was sustaining. I began rubbing my water bottle against and all over my groin, from teasing my sack to twisting and grinding it against the head and sensitive underside of my penis. It was so exciting doing this and just shamelessly staring at this women's crotch for so long. She couldn't possibly have not noticed! I suspect she was enjoying how mesmerized I was by this little patch of denim and glimpses of green underneath that she was wielding over me! And I have to imagine she was feeling nice down there herself, especially with the scissoring motion of her legs back and forth (any ladies out there, would love to hear from you in the comments or a submission, do you do this, and does it feel good?)

Anyway, eventually that show ended and she left. I went to the porta-john to take a leak. As I was peeing, the thought croseed my mind, here's some privacy...but then I thought, geez, all these years, as cumming-addicated as I am, I've masturbated even in public restrooms and even gotten off in airplane bathrooms, but I've never stooped so low as a porta-john! But oh I wanted it...so as I was peeing, I made a compromise with myself: soon as I was done, I'd rub for just a moment, enough to get a little pleasure, then be done.

So as I finished urinating, my hand briefly let go of my penis (which was out of my fly of course to pee), slithered its way down inside my boxers, and in one motion pulled myself back in and began to fondle and massage my ballsack for the few seconds I'd promised myself. Ohhhhhh...heaven...the tingle of arousal and desire melted into the tingle of gratification.

Uh oh...that felt waaaaay too good. So in spite of myself, I had no choice but to proceed to full-on masturbation in that porta-john. After about a minute, though, something weird-after mostly closing my eyes (picturing all the lovely women's crotches, the visual candy that got me going in the first place) I happened to open my eyes and look down at my penis. Semen was coming out!!! And I wasn't feeling any pleasure! Well, I mean, I was feeling the same nice plateau-level as I'd been since I started playing with myself, but not the usual burst of ecstasy that accompanies ejaculation (or precedes, really, starting with the point-of-inevitability). I'd never experienced anything quite like this-sometimes when I'm 'edging' (e.g., trying to go to the brink of cumming and then backing off-if you've never done this, try it, as it makes it feel sooooo much better when you do cum!)-anyway occasionally I'll accidentally lose control and my cum slips away from me and I get a bit of a 'dud' orgasm where it doesn't really feel that good. But this wasn't anything like that-sperm started to spurt out my penis and I literally wouldn't even have known except I saw it!

Oh well, at least it served to ultimately replace the tingle of frustration, where you're dying for stim and release, with the pleasant tingle of afterglow. And I got a 'real' cum later that night when I got into my bed so all ended well!

Thanks for reading, I love to get off to all your stories and think of all these guys and gals sitting at their computers touching themselves like me, getting the same good feelings as me!



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