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Fertility Clinic

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I have recently read some stories here related to fertility clinics and semen analysis and found the experiences interesting since I also work in a clinic. It appears to be a popular subject for readers, so I thought I would share my story.


I have recently read some stories here related to fertility clinics and semen analysis and found the experiences interesting since I also work in a clinic. It appears to be a popular subject for readers, so I thought I would share my story, but also since I love masturbation (really, I am most interested in guys masturbating) and to share a secret I have about my job at a clinic. I am divorced, 38, and live alone so masturbation plays a part in keeping me satisfied, but it is also part of my job. Our clinic takes semen samples to evaluate the quantity and quality of sperm and it is done by a patient providing a sample in a specimen cup after scheduling an appointment for a semen analysis. The analysis is conducted using a semen specimen freshly collected by masturbation in a sterile cup that the lab provides. Men coming in are advised to not use lubricants, saliva or a condom when collecting the specimen and should not have intercourse or ejaculation for at least two days, but no more than four days, prior to the day of collection. While we allow patients to bring a sample from home (if delivered within a certain time) it is encouraged to get the sample in a private room at the lab, and since the doctor recommends this method this is usually the way most patients leave a sample. Our lab is busy and we take several in-office samples a day.

The appointment day is the day the patient is to visit the 'masturbation room' to leave a sample. Part of my job is to check patients in and then to escort them to the 'room' and repeat the instructions. This is one of the best parts of my job. I love the idea of taking the guy back and basically telling him how to masturbate, 'don't use lubricant, don't use saliva, make sure your penis is close to the cup when you get close to be sure to hit the cup so we can collect the entire sample, etc.' There is a nurse call when he is finished so the sample can be checked and then brought back to the front desk to go to the lab. In the 'room' the clinic provides 'materials' to assist the guy in doing his business, an assortment of porn magazines and videos, and there is a large recliner type chair and small couch.

It is the variety of guys that come into the clinic and the idea of each of these different men jacking off in that room that intrigues me, each of them with their own method, some taking longer than others, imagining the differences in their penises and the looks on their faces as they are doing it and then cumming. Makes for some interesting observations by the nurses when I get back to the desk and we all know that he is in there wacking off.

This is kind of where my secret comes into the story. You see my curiosity about the patients and what they are doing has made me into something of a voyeur. As it turns out there is a patient restroom that is directly next to the sample room. The restroom is used by all of us behind the glass of the waiting room and patients only. One morning some time ago, after escorting a patient into the sample room, I was sitting in the restroom and became aware that I could clearly hear through the wall the sound of the video that was playing in the sample room. I thought I could place a lesbian scene that was playing on the video. My knees got weak for a second thinking that I was in the middle of something that was supposed to be completely private. I mean here was a guy in the next room jacking off and he was doing it to a lesbian scene from a movie and I knew what was on the screen that he was watching. This made me extremely excited and made me feel like I was watching him directly. I could feel myself getting wet imagining him watching the girls in the movie licking each other and him deliberately stroking his penis. I was imagining his face and how intent he must have been working the cum up his penis, and then taking care not to spill a drop from the cup as I had instructed him. I left the restroom and when he called to examine his cup, I took it with shaking hands and stared at him thinking about what I had heard, knowing what had turned him on enough to cum.

Of course that could be the end to the story, but my hunger has gotten worse. It is almost regularly that I now follow each patient to listen through the wall. I have found that I can practically be in the room with the patient since one day I decided to press my ear up to the wall to see if I could hear any clearer. The first time was a younger guy from the waiting room whose wife was quite attractive. When I called his name he looked embarrassed knowing that we all knew he was coming back to jack off, she gave him a supportive look. I took him to the room and went through the drill and then immediately went into the restroom. When I pressed my ear up to the wall I felt like I was in the room with the patient. I could hear him removing his pants as he unbuckled his belt and I heard the sound of the buckle ring, the rustling of his pants as he took them off, then he was searching through the library of movies against the wall and put one in the player, a few minutes and then the sound of the movie started.

I was not aware of it until that moment, but when anyone sits in the recliner it makes a sound like someone reclining on leather, so I heard him sit and lean back in the chair. It was a few more minutes and then he started getting to business. With what I imagined was one arm on the chair armrest and his hand around his erection, I heard the 'leather rubbing' of the chair sound clearly with the strokes of his arm. It was not fast, but more like stop and go. Of course, by this time I was very excited myself. I had to do something and undid the tie on my scrubs and dropped them and my panties to my knees while standing with my ear pressed to the wall listening. I was wet and my clit was pulsing when I reached down and ran a finger over my lips and my clit under and between my fingers. He was watching a straight guy/girl scene and I could tell he was starting to get into it since the sound of his motions were starting to speed up. Also, I thought I could hear him groan lightly at times.

It was only a few more minutes of him jacking faster and faster when I knew he was getting close to cumming. I was rubbing right with him and my knees were shaky trying to stand and cum while listening. I couldn't hold out any longer and felt the intense muscle tightening and waves tingling as I came under the speed of my finger, but he didn't last much longer either since I heard the chair crunching sound louder as his arm was moving faster and faster, and then I heard a huge breath out and a complete silence of what I imagined was him stiffening for his orgasm. I think he was purposefully trying to be quiet in the public of the sample room as well as to be sure to hit the specimen cup with his semen. I had to collect myself quickly and return to the front before him so I could collect his sample, but it took him a quite a few more minutes than me. I like to think he had to let the erection subside before returning to the waiting room where everyone was aware of what he had just done. The whole time for him to jack into the cup was no more than five or six minutes so I was not gone long, but it was difficult for me to look him in the eye knowing what I had heard, and again my hands were shaking when I took his cup from him. It actually looked like a larger specimen than usual.

My fixation with guys masturbating has kept me following them back to listen in while they are jacking off, but I don't think I am harming anyone. The variety of men and sounds certainly keeps me excited enough to have to orgasm with some of them during business, but I take the visions home with me and use them away from the clinic also. I wonder if any of my co-workers do this also?



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