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Female Friend of Mine Last Weekend

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I have a female friend who is 42-years-old. We are simply good friends and we have never done anything sexual together. She has been having problems with a boyfriend and she dropped by to chat. She says she is leaving him for various reasons.

We sat rather closely together on the couch. She told me what a good friend I was and at one point kissed me warmly. She said she would miss the sex with her boyfriend but she wouldn't really miss HIM. Our conversation took a sexual tone and she said she loved to get a porn movie out and use her vibe as she watched them alone. I told her I enjoyed masturbation too.

By now I was really hard and my pants were bulging. I told her it really turned me on to watch women masturbate, and I really got off on having women watch me. She kissed me really warmly then and laid her hand right on my big hard bulge and squeezed it firmly. We started asking each other really kinky things, like what made us really hot to think about when we masturbated.

Being a real fan of hairy pussies, I told her I loved to think about a woman with a really hairy pussy spread wide open in front of me fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit.

She smiled at me and told me she had the hairiest pussy I could imagine. She continued to rub my dick through my pants as I slipped a hand between her legs. She was wearing jeans. She opened them a bit and we rubbed each other aggressively through our pants, then I said 'I'm dying to see how hairy you are.'

She smiled in a really devilish way and simply stood up and undressed in front of me. When she slid her panties off her hips my eyes settled on the hairiest bush I have ever seen! She leaned against the back of the couch with her legs spread open and said 'I told you! Do you like my pussy?'

My gosh, my dick was throbbing hard. I quickly took my pants off and sat facing her on the other end of the couch and began stroking my wildly throbbing rock hard dick as I watched her spread her lips apart, being very naughty and graphic for me. She began fingering herself and working her clit as she said wonderful things about my dick and how badly she wanted it.

I told her I would love a real close up look at it and she pushed me back and squatted right over my face, talking really hot and nasty to me, pulling her lips wide open, etc. I kept jacking myself as I looked at her. After a few minutes of that she relaxed back in her former position and masturbated like crazy. When I told her I was near cumming she asked me to empty my balls on her gorgeous tits and nipples. As I was pumping loads of cum on her breasts, she had a massive orgasm. and shuddred and shaked and moaned.

All I can say is her pussy takes the blue ribbon on hairiness, she takes the blue ribbon on graphic nastiness with her comments and what she did (squatting right over my face while pulling her lips apart and fingering herself), and my dick takes the blue ribbon on having NEVER been so hard in my life!

It took us what seemed like hours to get dressed. I wanted her to keep sitting there naked with her legs spread wide open so I could keep looking at her pussy. We ended up masturbating a second time about 45 minutes later. She laid a huge wet kiss on me when she left and asked me if we could do it again soon. With no hesitation I said YES! That was the most erotic session I've ever had in my life without a doubt!

She just phoned me and asked if she could drop by later today. Oh wow, I can't believe my good fortune. I want to keep this going as long as I can!



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