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Female-dominant Male-orgasmless Wanking

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GREAT site! Just discovered it tonight.

It would be a crime if I didn't post something about the weird little ritual my wife and I have come to after nearly twenty years of marriage. Anybody else have masturbation parties where the wife is really bossy and the husband isn't allowed to cum?

My wife prefers intercourse, but cums fairly infrequently that way. Many times there's a point where a sort of Jeckyl and Hyde thing happens, and her desire for the orgasm takes over. Somewhere during this process, after reapplying oils and lubricants a couple of times, if I don't suggest it sooner, she'll bite me. Sometimes it's gentle. A few times she's drawn blood. Usually it's somewhere in between. Usually my earlobe or nipples but sometimes my dick or scrotum-she's never too rough there. But that's the signal. And, she starts calling me 'husband' instead of my name.

At that point, it's my job to start telling her things like, 'I love to obey you, beautiful wife' and 'Would it turn you on if you got to cum and I didn't?' Of course we both know for damn sure that there isn't going to be any cumming for me once it gets to this point, but she likes to hear me say it, anyway. And I'll keep talking in her ear as I start fingering her with one, then two, then three fingers inside her, and the other hand's first two fingers work the clit.

I'm surprised at myself here. I'm too embarrassed-even anonymously- to post some of the things we say back and forth when she's really close to orgasm. But she gets really, really dominant and cruel. She calls me the filthiest names you could imagine (pussywhipped is one of the more tame ones) and tells me how much she loves leaving my cock hard.

The story usually varies in one way or another. Sometimes she has me beat myself to the brink before stopping. She does let me come about every other week. She also makes me lick her EVERYWHERE, and sometimes she puts a condom on her largest dildo for cleanliness sake and makes me take that all the way.

We've gradually arrived at this after veering off different directions over the years, and now I don't think either of us would have it any other way. The great benefit to the husband is that you stay horny ALL WEEK LONG. You miss out on those little ten second bursts of ecstacy, but I'm hard as a rock and fantasizing about my wife day and night, and that really works for us.



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