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Felt Up and Jacked Off

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Book Store Adventures


I have been cumming to Solo Touch stories for a few years now. I really enjoy the stories here but I have not had anything interesting to submit, until now. I had been going to this one adult bookstore for a while to masturbate in the video booths. There always seems to be men hanging around the booths looking for an encounter. I always locked the door behind me for privacy. Almost every time there is a knock at the door or someone trying the knob to see if it is unlocked. Once in a while I would use a booth that has a window into the next booth, where I could watch the guy next to me masturbate. It turned me on to let the guy watch me jerk off.

This last time I went to the bookstore I saw a guy sitting in a booth with the video running and the door cracked open. He was naked and feeling himself. He did not have an erection when I saw him, but as I stood there looking at him he became hard as he stroked himself. I watched for a few minutes and I felt my cock getting hard. I then walked away to find my own booth. This time I decided not to lock the door.

I got comfortable in my booth, flicking through he channels and watching the hot porn on the screen. Getting more aroused I unzipped my jeans and took out my hard cock and began to play. I am well endowed with an 8' cock that I keep well groomed. I shave my cock and balls and keep the rest of my pubic hair trimmed real short. My thin blond hair trimmed short almost appears as if I am shaved smooth.

As I watched the porn and stroked my cock, I heard the door to my booth crack open. I looked to the open door and saw someone peering in. I turned back to the screen and watched and continued to stroke my cock, but I did not hide it. I was so nervous standing there knowing that someone was watching me. He opened the door a little more to get a better look. I continued masturbating and watching the porn, flicking through the channels for the best stuff.

The man watching me opened the door more and came into my booth. I ignored him and continued masturbating. Nervous and almost scared, I was highly aroused. The man kneeled down as if to suck me. I move my erection away from him and covered it with both hands. He asked me what I wanted. 'Jerk off', I replied. He took my cock from my hand and began to gently stroke me. I let him. I didn't really look at him; I just watched the porn and flicked through the channels as he stroked me. I couldn't believe I was doing this.

He would stroke me and then feel my soft smooth balls, and then back to my cock. I kept watching the porn as he felt me up. Then he unbuckled my belt and buttoned my jeans and they dropped to the floor. I wasn't wearing any underwear. Now I was naked from the waist down.

'MMM nice cock', he said as he gently stroked me. 'MMM you shave too ha?' I whispered, 'yes'. 'You like shaving it don't you?' Again I whispered 'yes'. 'And you jerk off after you shave, don't you' he asked. 'Yes' I whispered. His hands began to wander. First across my now naked ass gripping my ass cheek, then up the inside of my shirt across my back. 'You like feeling me up, don't you' I asked him. 'Yes' he replied.

I don't want to sound conceted but I have very attractive genitals. Nice long smooth cock and balls that look even nicer shaved. I continued watching the porn as he felt me up. I watched as he stroked my cock and then back to the porn on the screen. My cock began to drip heavily with pre cum. 'MMM what is this?' he asked, his fingers were covered with my pre-cum, 'my cum' I answered. He then raised his hand to my face as if to put his pre-cum covered fingers into my mouth. Letting him put his fingers in my mouth was the last thing I wanted to do. I closed my mouth and turned my head a little. He smeared the pre cum across my chin and cheeks, I couldn't believe what a turn on that was. I didn't realize that he had dropped his pants as well, when I felt his cock grinding into my naked thigh. 'Do you feel that?' he asked, 'Yes' I answered.

(Just writing this story has gotten me very excited. I can feel my cock begin to swell in my pants).

He continued feeling up my body, lifting my shirt up and groping my chest as he stroked my cock and felt up my balls. I was still nervous; I had never done anything like this before. The excitement of not knowing what was going to happen was so intense. He lifted my shirt over my head, now it hung on my arm. Now completely naked in the booth, the stranger was free to grope me wherever he wanted. He held my hands up over my head as he continued feeling me up. I held my arms there as he continued. 'You like being naked, don't you' he asked. 'Yes' I whispered. You want others to see you naked with your hard cock, don't you?' 'Yes' I whispered. You want to walk out of the booth and show off your naked body, don't you?' 'There are cameras out there,' I said to him. If it weren't for the cameras outside the booths I probably would have done it. 'How about if I open the door for others to see you,' he asked. 'Maybe, for just a few seconds', I answered. He opened the door and to my disappointment there was no one there to look in.

(I can't ignore my cock any longer. I just pulled down my jeans and let my erection out. MMMM god that feels good.)

He continued feeling me up. He would stroke my cock, then my balls, and then grope my ass and my chest. I was so enjoying this. Then he said he was going to leave me to let me enjoy masturbating myself. He said he was going to go find some people to come watch me. He started to leave the booth and said to me, 'stay naked'. 'OK' I answered.

(My cock is hard and pre cum dripping as I masturbate while I write this story)

I could not believe what had just happened. I was naked in the booth masturbating my cock to the porn on the screen. Then I noticed that the door was open just a crack. Anyone could have peeked in and seen that I was naked and masturbating. Just then the door opened wide. I saw him standing to the side and there was another man walking by my booth. He looked in and saw me there; he looked a little surprised at what he saw. Oh my god, I can't believe this, people are watching me and I am letting them. The door closed, then opened again. This time there were two men looking in. I stood sideways so they could see as I watched the porn and masturbated my cock. The men watched, walked away, and returned to watch some more.

(Reliving this story is so erotic, I am jacking off more as I write making it harder to type.)

This was so intense. I was barely touching my cock to keep from coming. I let the feeling pass and then returned to stroke myself. The door opened again, this time the man slowly entered the booth. He reached down and took my cock into his hand. Stroking me and feeling up my balls. My orgasm rapidly approached as he masturbated me with his cold hands. I shoved my hips forward and arched my back, my head turned sideways and my mouth dropped wide open. My cum built up quickly inside me as he began jacking me off faster. He could tell I was about to cum. His other hand cupped and squeezed my balls as I let loose of my load. My body stiffened and shivered at the same time as my cum squirted into his hand and onto the floor. He let go of my cock as I squirted into his hand, but I was not done with my orgasm yet. I took my cock and finished off my orgasm as I ejaculated. It was then I realized that two other men were watching as I masturbated my cock through the rest of my cum. I closed the door, got dressed and left.

(I am getting closer. Standing up now completely naked as I masturbate my cock. Thinking of the thousands of people masturbating to this story. Are you masturbating? Are you jerking off your cock? Fingering your cunt? Are you ready to cum? I am. Oh god, mMMM, squirting my cum. Mmmmm. That was great. I hope you came.)



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