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Felt Sorry for Him

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It was last spring while on spring break. I met this good looking guy at the beach and he had a very BIG problem.


This was during last summer's spring break. I met this very handsome guy while on the beach and we really hit it off with each other. We ended up lying down on the beach and he ended up laying on his stomach. The beach was pretty crowded and there was sure a lot of young females out there in their bikini swim suits. A bunch of them had walked in front of us and he laid there looking up at them. He finally put his head down on his arms and said 'I'm heading back to my motel room as soon as I'm able'. I asked him what was wrong. He said 'It's something I can't tell you'. I asked him when he was planning on going back. He answered 'As soon as I'm able to get up from here'. I had no idea what he meant. 30 minutes ago he was just fine when we laid down. So pressed on and asked him 'Why can't you get up'? He finally looked at me straight in the eyes and said 'If you really must know, I have an erection and it would really show if I got up this way'. I ask 'Did all those girls get to you'? He looked at me and said 'Are you kidding'?

I'd been with enough boys in my days to know how they can really get turned on by our bodies. And, none of us there on that beach left much to the imagination. We were all really showing off those things that turn boys on sexually. Tits, ass and legs. Even pussy. Some of the bikinis didn't do a very good job of covering it and it was fairly easy to see. Lots of girls like doing this to boys. I started feeling sorry for him because I knew what he was going through. So, I told him 'Why don't you just get up and wrap your towel around your waist and I'll go back to the motel with you and help you out a little'. He looked up at me and ask 'You really mean it'? I said 'Yes. I understand'.

He raised up and quickly wrapped the towel around himself and away we went. We got to his car and headed back to his room. We got in his room and he turned to me and took away his towel. I saw what he meant. His penis was hard and really stood out. I told him 'No wonder you didn't want to get up'. I then told him 'Don't get me wrong. I won't fuck if that's what you want. But, I will give you a nice hand job if you want and you can feel me where ever you want. I've done this a lot with boyfriends'. He said 'Fine with me. Just as long as I get this 'problem' taken care off' looking down at his penis.

I told him to lay down on his bed. He did and I sat next to him and took my hand and placed it on the big bulge in his swim suit. I ask 'Feel good'? He said 'Oh yea'. I then reached over with both hands and put my fingers in the waist line and pulled down. Off them came. His penis was enormous. I put my hand around it and just started feeling it all over. He reached over and started running his hand up my leg. He said 'Ah, that feels good'. I kept moving my hand all over his penis and he said 'Please go a little faster. You're driving me crazy doing that'. I knew he really needed to just come. He was way past that point of needing arousing. I started jerking him for real. He pulled my leg next to him and went to running his hand all over it. Then he ran his hand under my bikini bottom to my butt. About this time he started meeting my strokes with his penis. I knew he was near. He then let out a loud 'Ahhhhhh' and cum started shooting out of his penis. I had never seen a boy shoot that much cum in my life. It covered his chest. I thought what a fuck he would be. He was handsome, nice, had a big penis that was very hard and I knew he would fill me with his love juice.

I cleaned him off. The whole room smelled of cum. It wasn't a real good smell. I've never smelled any cum that was a good smell. It was just that his was quite strong.

We ended up going back to the beach. He just needed to get some relief and I was glad to give it to him. And, in case you readers are wondering. The answer is yes. We did.



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