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Felt Sorry Fom Him

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It was during Spring break two years ago and I had gone to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. This was where I saw him.


I was in collage two years ago when this happened. I was on Spring break and had gone to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico for the weekend. I, like most the girls there, was wearing a tiny bikini swim suit showing off lots of skin. I was walking up the beach looking for some friends and this was when I noticed him.

This young man was most likely a high school student on Spring break too. He was by himself wearing these tight swim briefs. And, thanks to this skimpy swim suit, it was more than obvious that the view he was getting was having an effect on him. I could easily make out his cock and it was plain to see that he was getting aroused. I had been around enough boys by my age then to know what our bodies do to boys.

The young man was trying to 'hide' it the best he could, but this was almost impossible. As I walked by him, he was looking at me. I knew what he was thinking and how much he'd love to get his hands on what he was looking at. Like I said, I've been there.

I made a circle and went back by him again. I was by now beginning to feel a little sorry for him. He again was looking at me or I should say looking at my body. It looked like he was fully hard. I couldn't help myself and I walked up to him. I looked at him and smiled and said 'Looks like you've got a little problem there', while looking down at his swim trunks. He looked down at what was plain to see was him cock bulging through the suit and looked back up at me all red in the face. He said 'I'm sorry, but I can't help it'. I told him 'I know'. I then told him 'I know what you need too if you want. Any place we can go'? He said 'You mean it'? I said 'Yes'. He then said 'My car is over there' pointing to the parking lot. I said 'come on' and he jumped up.

We got to the car and it was a mini van with dark windows in back. I told him 'Let's get in back'. We did and got in the rear seat. We sat next to each other and I reached over and started running my hand over his hard cock. I said 'Take it out'. He quickly lowered his swim suit. He was well blessed in size. I could see he was all nervous and I ask him 'Have you ever been with a girl before'? He answered 'No'. I told him to just relax and enjoy it. I'd given several other boys their first from a girl so I knew he'd 'get off' very quickly. I told him to feel me where he wanted and he asked, 'Can I feel your tits'? I said 'Sure. Kiss them too if you want' and I took off my top. He ran his hand over them and squeezed them. As he was doing this, I reached back over and took his cock in my hand and started slowly stroking it. He soon went to jerking his hips and then let out a loud 'I'm going to cum' and started squirting his cum. It went all over the place. He then calmed down catching his breath. I got his towel and wiped cum off my arm and legs and handed it to him so he could wipe off.

We got dressed and he thanked me. I told him 'Glad I could help. I knew what you were going through. I've seen it before'. We walked back to the beach and I said 'See you later and headed up the beach. That next morning, I saw him again. This time, he was out walking the beach looking for me. I knew what he wanted. I'd seen this before too. He wanted more. I walked over to him and we again ended up in back his van. This time, I took off my bottoms and let him see and feel a pussy for the first time and I jerked him off and let him cum on me. Like I said; I felt sorry for the poor young man.



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