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Fellow Educator

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I have been teaching for almost 20 years, and I love my profession. I teach upperlevel highschool english. Being with the kids all day, and going home to my great wife and children, it is great, but a man needs some privacy.

The district understands this, so once a year, they send all of the staff at my school up into the mountains for a retreat/seminar right before school starts. This year, we were in a city laden with hot springs and pools, so naturally, we were swimming or lounging all together most of the time.

The man who teaches across the hall from me, Jim, teaches Government and Social Studies, and he and are really good friends. He had gone through some pretty traumatic things in his household over the summer, so he and I spent a lot of time at each other's houses and at bars, just talking things through. None of these talks turned sexual, but I think we both wanted a little more out of each other, so to speak.

Well, since we were in hot springs most of the time, and Jim and I were good friends, we usually ended up changing in front of each other, which wasn't anything new since we work out together in the school gym once a week after classes. We are both assistant coaches for the football team, so we make sure and keep each other in shape. Jim is about six feet tall, kind of slim, but muscular, and he has permanent five o'clock shadow. I am about six feet tall also, but I am a little stockier, and broadchested. Anyway, back to the hot springs locker room.

It must have been the feeling of having no real obligations, and the fact that we were out of town in somewhere new, because I had a pretty enormous erection as soon as we entered the locker-room. I took a corner locker and swiftly changed from my jeans and t-shirt into my swimming trunks.

'What's the rush Sam?' I turned and saw Jim there, in the middle of undoing his belt. 'We have seen each other naked once a week for five years now, nothing I haven't seen.'

'Yeah, something you haven't seen.' I scanned the locker-room and made sure we were alone, then pointed to the head of my penis, pressing hard against the front of my swim-suit. 'I am pretty hard right now.'

'Really? Well, I guess you are right, that is something I haven't seen. Nothing to worry about, cause you are about to see me in the same conditions.' I sat down to take off my socks and watch, and patiently watched Jim peel off layers of clothing, until he was standing in front of me nude, sporting quite the massive boner. We were both circumcised, which I had already known, but I figured we were about the same size. I was wrong; he was about 8.5 inches long, and as wide as I am sure any woman would want.

'Well, feeling a little exposed here.' He said, staring at my bulge, which was growing by the second. I reached into my constricting swim-suit and pulled my cock out.

'Well Sam, I should have known you were packing heat.' He stared at my cock, which is about 7.75 inches long, but no where near as wide as Jims. 'And you have some pretty impressive goods hanging below that cock of yours.' Nervously, I reached down and shifted my balls around in my hand, which, I guess, were pretty large according to Jim.

We heard the door to the locker-room open and scurried into our suits and off into one of the more secluded pools. After some touching and feeling, we headed back into the locker-rooms.

We immediately stripped, wrapped ourselves in towels and made our way into one of the three private steamrooms. Our towels were off as soon as the latch closed. We were rubbing each other's bodies and then Jim's hand slipped past my belly-button and onto my rock-hard shaft. He rubbed, all the while kissing my inner thighs and occasionally spitting into his hand for lube.

'Tell me before you cum.' He was rubbing his huge dick up and down against my hairy calves, which was something I had never felt before. It felt really good for some reason, and I think Jim was enjoying it too, because he would stop and moan from time to time. As I peaked, I whispered, 'I'm cumming.'

'I'm ready,' and he opened his hand and caught my massive load. I hadn't cum like that since my honeymoon. Seven or so good ropes of ejaculate came flying out of my cock and into his palms.

'Your turn.' I said. During the exchange in positions, we got close and kissed. I had never kissed a man before, let alone a man with a dense five o'clock shadow. It sent me spinning in a testosterone driven heatwave. He lubed up his own cock with my load and I went to town. I leaned up and started kissing him while I stroked his hard-on, until his hips bucked up into mine and he covered my stomach with a huge load.

When we both got back to our wives and kids, it seems both of our home-lives became so much easier. Jim and I have pretty regular sessions now, and everytime, things get more and more interesting. I am interested to see what happens.



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