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Feels Like The First Time...

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My first cum...


Like most other young boys, I had a perpetual hard on. I was pretty naive back then, it was after all before the Internet. I would wake up hard, and have to wait sometimes to go to the bathroom. Would get a boner when I was walking and my shorts would rub. I would get random boners throughout the day. Girls, especially their tits, would always get me excited, although I never knew what to do with them . And like any other man on the planet, I would fall asleep at least toiling with it before falling asleep. At this stage I had never had an orgasm didn't really know about them.

One day I heard some guys talking about jacking off in the locker room. They were a few rows over and I don't think they cared if anyone heard them. With enough of references being made, I finally put two and two together and put my mind to getting off. I think I had a massive erection the rest of the afternoon until I got home.

Having a little brother and sister, I knew I would not have long for this experiment. I went into the bathroom and stood over the toilet. I'm about 7 inches now, but I was about five back then. I always had some nice girth and I am cut. I started rubbing my little 5 inch cock as hard as I could. Think I was trying to get a genie out of the lamp. After all of 30 seconds I felt like I needed to pee, so I stopped. Puzzled, the feeling went away. I started up again and that familiar feeling game back. It turns out I edged four or five times.

Finally I said to hell with it. I'm standing over the toilet, the worst thing I could do was pee over the place. I started furiously beating my meat and before I knew it that familiar feeling came over me again. Determined, I kept going. Almost by instinct, I let out a pretty good grunt and within another moment I was spraying everywhere. The top of the toilet lid was covered with cum and was the lid and my hand. When I was done I panicked. I thought I had broken something. But that nice new rush of endorphins, kept me from getting too crazy. I cleaned up and went into my room.

After dinner, I wound up down in the basement workshop. As usual and for no particular reason the boner was back. I grabbed some paper towels, dropped my drawers and went back to it. After jacking back-and-forth for two or three minutes that familiar feeling came back again. This time I kept going, and it was definitely worth it. I felt the rush, the flush and finally the nice long groan. Having just cummed, two hours earlier, my expectations were a little high, and I definitely missed the paper towel. I did however lick my hand and experience my first baby batter. I don't do that too often any more, but my wife sure sucks out every last drop during a BJ.

I continued beating off once or twice a day for the rest of my teens. Now I only get off two or three times a week either by myself, or with help from the wife. I have only beat off a few times for her, usually when I was desperate but she wasn't in the mood. I'd love to overhear my son doing it sometime in the future. He is still a few years off though...

Happy Jacking!



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