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Feeling the Intensity of a Female Orgasm

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Story of my most intense orgasm ever!!! Along with some of my anal masturbation history.


Solo Touch rocks, we all know it.

I imagine as many of you read some of the female stories if your a guy and maybe get jealous that they can cum a lot more times and the way they make it sound, it feels better. This is a story of how I could almost feel what they must be feeling and may I say it was awesome.

I had discovered anal masturbation after talking to some people I met on the net about masturbation. So as soon as I found out about it I went looking for something and found an electric toothbrush I no longer used. It was the perfect shape since I was looking for something that would feel like a dildo. After trying to get it in dry, stupid idea, I got some lube out and lubed the toothbrush and my butt and stuck it in. I think this was a bit too big for a first timer and didn't really enjoy this one too much.

Then something brought me back to try this again. But this time I found a different toothbrush. It was a lot smaller but it was sorta wavy in the handle part if you know what I mean. So I did the same thing I did last time and I came in like one minute. It was unreal. It felt soooo good.

I used that toothbrush many more times and at one point was able to get everything but the bristles up my butt and orgasm. Eventually that toothbrush was over used and I threw it out. I can't say I've found one that has felt that good until I used some creative thinking to design a new anal toy for myself.

I found a bunch of travel tooth brushes that no one had used and brought them to my room. The only problem was that the ends of the toothbrush, the handle, was more rectangular that round and didn't really feel too good in my butt. But since the ends were round I got an idea. An idea to tape two of the toothbrushes together at the top so they would at least form something that would go up my butt decently.

Since I had done this in the day my parents could just walk in at any time, whereas in the night I could at least hide it better. So I got some lube and the new toothbrush and went into the bathroom. I turned the shower on so by the time I got in there the water would be warm. I lubed up and got the toothbrush up a little past the prostate, which is sometimes considered the 'male g-spot'.

So I hopped in the shower and my dick was already hard thinking about the pleasure I was about to have. I got in and started masturbating. My shower is built into the bath tub so it's one whole thing like most peoples. So I sat down and leaned against the back of the bath tub.

In about 30 seconds I could feel the feeling of climax so I stopped. It was incredible how fast I could come with this toothbrush. I slid down the back of the bath tub a little more and put my legs in the air so I could see the toothbrush between my butt a little more. Not sure if that was it but seeing it and feeling it in my ass made me horny.

So now I decided I had to come. I'm leaning against the back of the bathtub with my legs in the air. As I climax I slide down the back of the bathtub so now I'm on my back and except for the slight bending in my knees my legs are straight up in the air. Sorta like a dead bug.

So I'm cumming and I like lost control of my body. My legs were kicking in the air, my hands were clenching and unclenching and my abs were contracted I guess, is the right word. It was basically like squirming around uncontrollably. It was unreal. Don't know how else I could but it took like 20 seconds just to get control of my body again. Also while this happened the toy I made had been forced out of my butt from my prostate.

I imagine the reason it felt so good was because the prostate couldn't really tighten because the toothbrushes were so wide. Anyway that's my story. I hope it was long enough for you. I know if you're like me you like the long stories with the warm juicy details.

So with that I leave you with these words. Happy jilling and jacking



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