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Feeling Sorry for Late Masturbators

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I really like the 'first time' stories here. It is always refreshing to see how other people discovered masturbation. But I often feel sorry for those who didn't discover it until their teens. I started doing it at about age 5, and enjoyed it for many years before I hit my teens. I think of all the fun and pleasure other boys missed during the wonderful years of childhood.
I did it mostly by rubbing myself on things, like my pillow or mattress, or the cushions of the couch while watching TV in the morning. I know my mother must have seen me doing that, but she never said anything about it. I realized on my own it was something to do in private, but if my mother saw me it wasn't a big deal. But I didn't purposely do it when she could see me.
Some of my friends, but not all, did it, too. I showed a couple of them how to do it, but others had discovered it on their own. One of them had been shown by his older brother how to do it by hand, and he showed me, and I added that to my bag of tricks. I didn't discover the pleasure of lubrication until I was 12 or so, and found that I really liked how it felt. I quickly graduated from using vaseline, which was exceedingly messy to clean up, to water based hand creams that wiped up without a mess. I used up all the hand cream in the house, then one day a large plastic bottle of vaseline intensive care lotion appeared on my nightstand. Obviously my mother was tired of running out of hand cream and decided to give me my own supply. That was a little embarrassing, as I was getting older and more shy about the subject, but that didn't prevent me from using it! And every time my supply got low, another bottle would appear on my nightstand.
When both of my boys were growing up, I saw signs of them enjoying themselves at an early age, and made sure they knew it was OK and that they had the privacy they deserved. My youngest boy was pretty blatant about it, probably because he had seen his older brother doing it. On weekend mornings he would bring his pillow down to the TV room, and at least once, sometimes more, would mount it right there on the floor in front of the TV and hump it slowly and gently, only speeding up at the end. He seemed to really enjoy it, and I was happy to see him enjoy himself. By the time they were 9 and 7, respectively, they'd lay side by side on the floor going at it in tandem. My wife wasn't too happy about that, but I convinced her that it was good, clean fun, and to make an issue of it would give them a complex. They'd even do that when friends were over for sleepovers, and most of the time their friends would join in. One friend always did it with his shorts pulled down just enough so his penis was directly on the pillow, and it looked funny to see his little white butt bobbing up and down.
By the time the boys hit puberty they stopped doing it out in the open, and limited themselves to doing it in private. I knew they were doing it in their bedroom, and I made sure they had a supply of lubricant.



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