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Feeling Brave

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First, I'd like to say that this is a great site. I love going online every once in a while and read the new posts.
My name is Dan and I'm from Israel.
When I was about 12 I started to fool around with my cousin Erez. I never really liked him. He was an annoying brat. He always teased me and took my stuff, just to get me really mad. He knew I couldn't do anything to him because I was smaller and weaker, even though I was the older one (I am six months older than he is).
But I have no brothers, and back then I didn't have any really close friends. So Erez was the closest thing to a male friend type thingy...
Being a very shy lad, I never took off my shirt when I was around... pretty much anyone. I didn't let anyone see my body after puberty kicked in. But the thought of being seen naked turned me on instead of scaring me. I got an erection whenever the thought of being seen shirtless came to my mind. But I still didn't want my close family to see my body (no idea why...). It was a good thing that I had Erez that helped me with that because I didn't mind him seeing me. I always wanted to sleep at his house when I had the chance because only then I had the opportunity to sleep with my shirt off. So I would spend the night with him even if it meant being miserable because of him being such a jerk...
I couldn't wait for my parents to leave me with him. After they went home, I would take off my shirt and get a huge boner.
The first time I masturbated was at his house. We we're reading a 'dirty jokes' book that had 'erotic' caricatures in it. It made me so hot. When Erez left the room, I humped his bed until I came, without thinking even. I came for the first time in my life and it was amazing. That evening, I did it every time he left the room.
And since that night I wanted more than just to be seen without a shirt... I wanted him to see my penis.
When we were about twelve, Erez came to my house to spend the night. After everyone had gone to sleep, Erez and I started talking about pubic hair and the size of our penises. He asked me if I had any hair and said that I have a little forest down there. Erez said that he has very little hair. Then we sort off pulled down our shorts and underwear 'to let it cool' - whatever. We were obviously horny... We pulled our shorts down but didn't see each other's penis. It was very dark. We admitted that we each have an erection and than we decided to compare our penises, but without showing. Each of us measured his penis with his fingers and then we compared the gaps between our index finger and the thumb. After that EXTREMELY accurate test, we've learned that we are the same size.
The first time I caught a peek at Erez's unmentionables was when he was coming out of the shower at his house when there was only a towel wrapped around his waist. He got into his room and didn't close the door. I knew he was naked, so I went into his room. He tried to stop me, but I laughed and didn't let him pushed me out of the room. From the little I had seen, he had a very small penis. Much smaller than what I have had at the time. We didn't make a deal out of it.
The day after, we stayed alone at his house. After we ate breakfast, Erez got into the bathroom to get his usual morning shower. FOR SOME REASON, Erez decided to call me. 'Dan', he called. 'Yes?' I replied...in Hebrew of course. 'Come inside', he casually said. So, Guess what I did...
I entered the bathroom (Miklahat, in Hebrew) and he was there, naked behind the curtain. He would sometime move the curtain a bit so I could see his nicely shaped hairless body. I don't remember what the conversation was about before he said, 'Look at this,' and then pulled away the curtain completely. He sort of hid his penis between his thighs so it would appear as if he had a vagina. It was very funny. But I was nervous. I remember my heart pounding and my voice sounding different. If you're wondering: Yeah, I had a massive erection going on. I, somehow, asked him to show me his penis, and he did. He let me have only a glimpse. I thought that he would also have an erection but he didn't. So I told him that I wanted to see his boner. So he closed the curtain and showed me his little penis, after a few seconds, but again, only a glimpsy-glimpse.
But then, nothing happened yet. I didn't let him see my penis. But not for long.
I remember telling my self at night, 'Don't show him your penis! He'd want to masturbate with you!' Of course, then, I was a full time masturbator. I did it up to five times a day before I started ejaculating at the age of twelve and a half, but I wasn't ready to let someone to know that I was doing IT, so obviously I didn't want anyone seeing me...
One hot summer day (we have a lot of them in Israel), Erez was in town. We were at my grandmother's house, barbecuing (is that even a word?) and then we decided to go to my house and watch 'Mulan.' You know I only wanted to go home with him so I could be shirtless around him, right? I didn't think anything else would happen, but I didn't want to miss to opportunity to be shirtless. So as we got to my place, I said that I want to take a shower. I took a shower so I could jerk off and then go out of the shower shirtless and without and obvious erection. And that's what I did. When I came out of the shower, he was watching a show on television with the air-conditioner on. I told him to turn it off because it was called, so he said that I should wear a shirt. It turned me on a bit because he was mentioning my shirtlessness.
I turned the air-conditioner off and sat on the bed beside him. Feeling very hot, I asked him if he could massage me. He agreed. He knows that he can give a great massage.
'Lie down on the bed,' he said and took of his shirt too. He pressed his fingers on my back and started to give me the best massage ever. I was in heaven. He did my shoulders and then he went a little downer. 'Do you want me to massage your ass?' he asked all of a sudden.
'Why?' I stupidly asked.
He told me that even a professional would massage my butt cheeks.
I didn't care if he was telling the truth or not. 'O.K.'
'Do you want to do it with your underwear on or off?'
That question made me quiet for a second there, I remember. 'With the underwear on,' I said, not wanting him to touch my ass.
So Erez started to massage my butt. It was wonderful. At that time I was happy he couldn't see my extremely erect penis. But than he told me to turn on my back. I turned on my back and put a pillow over my pelvis area, hoping he wouldn't ask why the pillow was there. He didn't ask. His fingers touched my bare chest. First, he started with massaging my chest, but then he just started moving the tips of his fingers on my chest. He touched my nipples 'accidentally' every now and then, but as he saw how much I was enjoying the nipple play, he touched my nipples and belly button and counted: 'One', he said when he touched one of my nipples. 'Two', when he touched the other. 'Three', he said when he touched my belly button. The last touch caused a weird sensation; I felt something that was like an electric wave that moved inside my stomach. It made my legs jump off. Erez didn't say anything about it. 'You're turn.'
I tried to do to him exactly what he had done to me but, apparently, I wasn't as good as he was. How do I know? He told me. But I didn't care. I was too horny to think. I felt like I was out of my body. I wasn't me. I wasn't shy anymore. After I had finished giving him the massage, I said to my self that something needs to be done. 'Erez,' I started. 'Remember when I saw you naked in your room and in the shower?' I don't remember what he said, if he said anything at all... 'It seemed to me like your dick is really small.' What? I was young and stupid... I still don't remember his response. I only remember me talking. 'Can I see it?' I asked without thinking too much.
He said that I can but only If I'll let him see mine. You know the drill. Not very original. I agreed but I made him swear in everything that he loves that he wouldn't tell. Before we let each other see, he told me that he kind of saw mine before. Once, when I was showering at his house, he came in and tried to move the white curtain, but I resisted and covered my penis with the curtain so he wouldn't see. But, of course the curtain was wet and therefore sort of transparent.
'You have a huge cock,' he said. I guess it was big for our age (about 16 cm. Now it's around 20 cm.). I smiled. We agreed that we should have an erection before we get naked, so we started to touch our selves so we would have an erection. Funny. I think that we both had ones but didn't want the other to know that we got them from the massages.
'Show me,' I said. 'But if you don't have pubic hair, I'm not showing you mine.' Man, I was weird... He told me that he has and then he started showing me. He pulled down the pants slowly. I was shocked. That was the smallest penis ever! It was about 5 cm! I let him know that he had a very small one. Not that I meant to be evil... I was just... surprised. He was a big boy with a small dick. Happens. It was my turn. I was back-facing him when I started to pull my pants down.
He said, 'WOW.'
'But I didn't even turned around!' I thought. After that, I turned around and let him see. He was as shocked as I was when I saw him. I had no idea that I was big... and that he was small. After that, I felt SO hot... I thought that I would die if I won't jerk off. But I didn't want him to know that I jerk off, so I didn't know what to do. 'Wow...I feel like...I feel weird...Like I want to...'
'Jerk off?' he said.
'Then do it. Did you ever jerk off?'
'No' I lied. 'But I want to.'
After that I asked him if he jerks off and he said no. He told me that he tried but never was successful, so he just doesn't do it because it's not fun. I said that I want to masturbate, just to get his permission again, and he told me to just do it. I made him swear again that he wouldn't tell, and he did.
'But I don't want you to see me jerking off,' I said.
But he wanted to see me so, 'I'll tell you what.' He put his shirt over his head and eyes but left a crack that through it he would be able to see me. 'I'll put the shirt on my head like this, and it would look as if I'm not watching you.'
I agreed. I started pumping my dick, up and down with my right fist as Erez was looking at me. 'Wow. And you said it wasn't fun.....' I said and continued to jerk. 'You can take that off,' I said to him. 'You can see me. I don't care.'
He sat down without the shirt over his head and he was looking at me. Then I felt like I can't hold it anymore. 'I'm coming,' I said as if I'm supposed to know what 'coming' means... And then, the next thing you know - I was covered with semen. I never had an orgasm that was as strong as this one was. The jizz was all over the place. I was amazed and shocked and so was Erez.
I heard him saying, 'This never happened to me before,' and I understood then that he was in fact a masturbator. I got up and went to get some toilet paper to clean my self. I felt really guilty and ashamed. I poured some cola over the stained couch so my parents won't ask why I cleaned the couch. Erez was laughing in the background. He took the bottle of cola and pretended that it was an erect penis. He started to 'jerk off' as if the bottle was a dick. After we got dressed, he asked if he could see my penis when it's not erect, meaning 'now.'
'I'm not sure that I want to do THAT again,' I said. But I let him see it for a second.
But now I don't regret doing it because it was a great memory. I'm sorry that this story wasn't so arousing :) I wanted to tell it as it was. The next one will be better.



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