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Feeling Alone and Best Friends

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I always questioned whether my love to masturbate was normal or not...


I can remember first masturbating and loving the feeling it gave. From that moment on, I was hooked. I remember masturbating any free chance I got, but that wasn't often living in a house with 2 sisters and brother. Typically I would sneak a tug in during my shower or before anyone else arrived home from school.

I remember peaking at my dad's Playboy magazines ( he hid them atop a cabinet in the kitchen?! ) and I even had a small stash hidden in the woods. I loved masturbating in the woods, feeling the wind caress my balls and I stroked away.

I remember wondering if I was normal or not. I really enjoyed masturbating. I really enjoyed looking at hot, naked pictures, and I really enjoyed the feeling of orgasm. But I felt I masturbated a lot... we never discussed any sexual topics growing up... I didn't discuss it with any of my friend....and I was a catholic and taught it was wrong. When you mixed all of that together, it doesn't take much to figure out why I wondered if I was normal.

So fast forward to college. My roommate for 3 out of 4 years ( we'll call him Eddie ) was also my best friend from high school ( we actually had sleep overs in 7th and 8th grade together ). We lived in a dorm room together our freshman year, then an apartment, and finally a house our senior year.

Sometimes in the mornings while living in the dorm, Eddie would have class before me and would get up early and shower. Sometimes I would awake enough to catch a glimpse of him changing, but never more than that.

Living in a dorm, masturbating was even more difficult than living at home. I would either stroke one out in the stall ( quickly for fear of being caught ) or quickly jack off in the room before Eddie returned from class on any given day. He never caught me, though came close once or twice.

Living in the apartment or house was a little better, as I could lock my door and stroke away to my hearts content. I masturbated a lot living in the house. We had a neighbor behind us, upon whose house my bedroom window looked. Sometimes, she would return home ( from work/school?? ), take off her clothes, and walk around a bit. I jacked off to her multiple times.

However... I always wondered if I was normal. From about 13 to then 22, I loved jacking off and had never shared those feelings with anyone. Was I alone?

After graduating from college, Eddie and I lived in different towns and I traveled quite a bit. Fortunately, I was able to fly to my hometown or an equal town each weekend. One weekend I flew in to visit Eddie and we spent the weekend at bars and ended up at a strip club. We repeated this a few more weekends.

On one particular weekend, after leaving a strip club in the early morning hours, somehow.... after knowing each other for more than half our lives, the talk of being horny and masturbating came up. It may have been the beer... it may have been the raging testosterone from the gyrating hot bodies... it may have been the lack of sleep of early morning hour. Whatever it was, we both agreed that we were dead horny and needed to jack off.

In hindsight, I still marvel at how simply the conversation came about and played out. We had talked millions of times before, but never about masturbating or our mutual need to get off. For whatever reason, that night, the beer and boobs just stripped away all of our inhibitions.

We headed to a park near his apartment, walked to an isolated area, and stood across a picnic table facing each other. Eddie and I each took out our now very hard cocks, and started stroking. In the early morning fog of beer, we decided to see who could shoot their cum the farthest. I don't remember who won, but I remember feeling a great brotherly love for my longtime friend... having shared something I thought no one else really did as much as me.

We talked about masturbating a lot after that and his habits were similar to mine. He loved jacking off. Loved his cock. Loved the orgasm.

After over 23 years, I found out that I wasn't alone and was normal. In fact, my best friend was just like me and we shared one more thing in common. A love for jacking our hard cocks.

We had many jack sessions after that, about which I will post more later. But I appreciated those times and still do.

We both live in different cities, are much older now, have families with children, and don't stay in touch to the extent that we use to. Eddie and I haven't masturbated together in almost 20 years and I miss it, though I wonder if he has moved on, settling down his love for the JO. I certainly haven't. I still love to jack off. I love my cock. I love the orgasm.



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