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Favorite Love Hotel Memory

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A porno turns my wife and I on at a Japanese Love Hotel


I live in Japan with my wife Mayumi (she's Japanese, I'm Canadian). We sometimes go to Love Hotels for some overnight fun. Love Hotels are found all over the place in Japan. They can actually be some nice, upscale places. With some of the nicer ones, there's no one at the front, just a large panel showing hotel rooms and buttons besides the pictures. Push the button, and go to the hotel room of your choice. Guests are restricted to their rooms for the duration of their stay. The rooms have a fun party atmosphere with movies, karaoke (of course) and room service.

My favorite masturbation experience at a Love Hotel started out like this way: we made love in the evening, woke up, and did it again in the morning before breakfast. (Room service leaves food in the hall, and doesn't come into contact with people.) After that, we changed into bathrobes. Mayumi looked super-cute wearing only a short Japanese-style bathrobe and eyeglasses. We flopped out on the couch and were eating breakfast while we flipped through the channels on the bigscreen TV, trying to find something interesting to watch. (Note: Japanese TV is dull and boring.)

The most interesting program we could find was on one of the porno channels. It was a supposedly amateur porno of a man picking up a woman and interviewing and undressing her in his limo. She was cute, and the interview was interesting. We left it on as we ate. Mayumi and I debated about how much was staged and how much was real, what we thought of the girl's body, and so on. The interview went on for awhile, and when we had finished breakfast, the scene had moved into the bedroom and the model got naked.

As we watched, my wife gave me a flirty look, reached into my bathrobe, grabbed my cock, and started feeling it up. I'd already blown two loads recently, so I didn't exactly spring to attention, but it still felt good. Over her protests, I undid her bathrobe ties and started feeling her up, too. I tried rubbing her pussy, but since we were sitting side by side, the positioning was awkward. I was able to run my fingers through her nice, thick pubic hair as she was playing with me. Her hair is thick, but she keeps it nicely trimmed and shaves everything away between her legs. The porno had progressed to the girl getting pleasured with a vibrator. Japanese censorship laws meant her pussy was blurred out but the scene was still pretty good.

Mayumi commented on how hard I was getting so soon after coming. I could tell she was getting turned on by the scene as well. I gave up crossing my arm over hers trying to feel her pussy, and switched to her breasts. Mayumi has wonderfully firm large B-cups, with huge sensitive nipples that stick out like pencil erasers (she can never get away without wearing a bra), and a small brown band of aureola around them. She loves getting them tweaked and pinched, or doing it herself.

We were both definitely turned on by this point. Mayumi normally wouldn't have gotten so worked up watching porn, but her eyes were definitely on the screen as she jacked me off with enthusiasm and encouraged me to play with her nipples. At this point, I was rock hard and her hand felt absolutely wonderful. A few minutes later, she brought her other hand down into her lap and started rubbing her black hair. It was a fantastic view. As I tweaked her nipple, my eyes kept wandering back and forth between the action on the TV, her crotch, and my crotch. I was in heaven. I got naked, but Mayumi kept her robe on, completely open and exposing everything. She had a very sexy librarian look with her hair pinned up and glasses on.

Soon after, she released my dick, slouched down on the sofa, spread her nicely toned legs and started properly jerking off her pussy. I let go of her nipple and grabbed my dick, taking over for her. Her face was glazed over as she stared at the action on the TV screen, one hand rubbing her tits and the other on her clit. We both were pounding away at ourselves as we watched the porno together, our arms rubbing against each others' as we jerked off. Mayumi told me not to wait for her as she couldn't come again so soon after coming that morning. I was having a bit of difficulty myself, but between looking at the porno (the girl on the screen was almost definitely enjoying herself for real,) looking at Mayumi’s face contort in pleasure as she watched the porno, and watching her jacking her tits and pussy, I felt myself edging closer. I couldn’t decide where to look.

Mayumi may not have been able to come, but she was still working her crotch hard, her fingers bunched up at the top of her organ, jerking her clit up and down roughly as she stared at the porno. She had her other arm laid across her chest, twisting one long nipple between her fingers and rubbing the other with her forearm. As she jacked away between her legs, I could catch glimpses of her beautiful thick brown lips bouncing around in time to her fingers. Once in awhile, she'd change tactics and stick her fingers into her pussy, squirming around briefly before going back to her clit. Around the third time of seeing her slide her legs open further so she could stick her fingers past her nice, thick pussy lips into her tight slit, I knew I was going to come soon. Mayumi noticed and told me to come on her. As I went over the edge, I got up and stood over her. She cupped her tits for me to aim at and I started squirting incredibly hard. All. Over. Her. Tits. It was a fantastic come and I felt completely drained afterwards. Mayumi grinned at me while looking at her come-splattered breasts and commented that was a pretty big load after coming so many times. I smiled back at her, and staggered off towards the shower. My balls actually ached a bit from coming so hard.

We'll have to do that again sometime.



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